The other way around

I don't know why, but I've been wearing a lot more dark colours now that it's starting to warm up over here. What can I say? I'm like a salmon... going against the flow. :D

Old dress I sewed with Vans slip ons
Wore it with the coat I also sewed (which I just wore in the last blog post)
As a side note, I was just at Eaton Centre the other day and discovered that a stand-alone NYX store just opened there! I was so excited I forgot to take pics, but here's the small haul:
NYX Tinted Brow Mascara in Espresso and Ombre Lip Duo in Cinnamon and Spice
Dropped by Urban Outfitters, and got a small haul there was well:
Tony Moly sheet mask to try and a Calvin Klein sports bra on sale...woot!
Do you guys wear dark colours too in the warmer weather? And any hauls lately?


Unknown said…
[ Smiles ] Dark colours never went out of fashion; they were reserved mostly for formal functions.
Unknown said…
[ Smiles ] Dark colours never went out of fashion; they were reserved mostly for formal functions.
I have always favour darker shades than lighter ones...but my reasoning is they give the illusion that I am slimmer than I really am. Sigh, now that I am 37....these damn kgs are not dropping off as fast as they used to.

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity
Unknown said…
Nice post!


Chic Therapy said…
Going against the flow is good. Have a great day.
It was in the mid 80's in NYC today and I wore black haha. I choose what to wear by piece rather than by color most of the time.
A NYX store sounds awesome!
Unknown said…
I prefer darker clothes. I always end up buying gray or black clothing. It makes me feel slimmer. Love your outfit.
Adam said…
Night gathers and now my watch begins

also Daisy was slow on watching The Door because of work and moving into a new house. She was like "Summer's still alive right"........
I tend to wear pretty much all colours regardless of season, so I am fine with darker colours. That old dress looks great on you Emmy, and quite a versatile piece. x
Walls of Wonderland
Unknown said…
Beautiful look!
Have a nice week-end!
Gil Zetbase
Vanessa said…
I wear dark colors FOR ALWAYS. I love white but I'm too messy for light colors ;) Love your dress, jealous of your haul.
Fashionably Idu said…
Much as i love bright colors i love my darks too. NYX is popping up everywhere. One just opened in Walnut Creek too. Lovely look Emmy.
nerline said…
I have been going against the flow too lately. You look cute. And nice haul girl!
Vision By Mila said…
How is Nyx? I can shop online, now more and more brands are found in Finland & online. I'm on a saving mode now, but Nyx is on the list, I know they are not super expensive? I seem to remember some butter gloss or something, that everybody was raving about.
Miu said…
I love your description of being a salmon :D
I also wear dark colours in summer, not exclusively, but why should I stop in summer? I probably wouldn't choose a black t-shirt when going for a hike in July or so, but in everyday life, no problem!
Thanks for sharing this to us! I absolutely love it.

Style For Mankind
Coco said…
Dear Emmy, look at you! So elegant! I wear black all year round, just bought a black maxi skirt I think you would like :-) nice haul, curious about that mask! Tons of loveeeee
Great post! :))

Oooh looks like you did well. BTW thanks for the heads up on that show You who came from the stars (or something like that). HOOKED! Up to ep 5!

LL Cool Joe said…
My favourite colour, although it's not officially a colour, is black. I wear it all year, even when I'm in Arizona in July! Ha.
Elle Sees said…
so glad you got NYX! now if we could get an ulta up there for y'all!
rooth said…
I wear dark colours all the time so I feel ya
I definitely wear black all year round! It's classic and always looks good! We don't have a NYX store! Probably good for my wallet :D I can only get it at Ulta.
Jane said…
I'm with you! :) Going against the flow!

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