Currently Loving #29

There is quite a lot of stuff I've been enjoying lately, y' goes....

1) Samsung Galaxy S7
I've always been an iPhone gal since since around 2007 when the 3G came out. I realized my cell phone co. reward dollars will expire soon, so I decided to finally upgrade my old iPhone 5 to a new phone. After doing my research, I decided to go with an android phone, namely this S7, and I love it! Here's why:
- water and dust resistant
- expandable memory (up to 200G with a MicroSD card)
- excellent camera
Below is an unedited shot I took with the phone...I love the shallow depth of field.
Mul this dish.
2) Spigen Slim Armor Case
A new phone requires a new case, of course. This one by Spigen offers great protection and also has a kickstand.

3) So Ji Sub
I just recently finished Master's Sun with Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin, and this is another Korean show I loved. Part horror (but not too scary)/part rom-com, the story is really quite engaging with some heart-breaking moments. So Ji Sub played the part of the arrogant CEO who eventually changed his ways quite brilliantly IMO. Now, I've been watching his hip hop MVs on's a slippery slope, I tellz yah!
image from
 image from

4) Memrise app
Miu recommended this app to me when I did a post about learning Korean, and have been using it everyday since then along with the books below. Guys, I love this app! I'm only in the beginning level, but I can already see the improvements in my memorization of Hangeul and many of the everyday greetings. Highly recommend this.

Both Madison and Shireen recommended DuoLingo which I've checked out. It's also a good one, but unfortunately, right now, it doesn't have a Learn Korean segment. I've checked the lessons for other languages though, and they do look great.

5) Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence sunscreen
Since getting into Asian Beauty, this is one of the few items in my skincare routine that has become a Holy Grail (HG) item. Most of the sunscreens I've tried before broke me out, but this one never did. I love the texture and it's perfect as a makeup primer.
A warning though: it's not waterproof/sweatproof, and does contain alcohol.
As you can see, I use it a lot that need back ups!
Speaking of Asian Beauty, I would like to take this opportunity to thank and send massive hugs to  Rowena. You guys who have been reading my posts for awhile know that she's the reason I got into Korean dramas. Well, not only does she give me awesome show recommendations, she also sent me this package for no other reason than because she's awfully sweet.
Guys, I am really super lucky to have met through blogging awesome people like her. XOXO

I almost don't want to use that mask with Song Joong Ki's face....

Do let me know what you're currently loving as well:)


Beauty Follower said…
I wana the same mobile lol :)
Lovely guy!
You're like totally making me want some naengmyun now. I swear that's like one of the best things ever to eat when it's hot XD You and Kim are totally bringing me to tears and humbling me with your super kind words this week. I'm just so glad that you were also able to discover the joy of K-dramas. It's cute how hooke dyou've become and it always fun to have someone else to spazz with. And can't a sunbae hook a hoobae up ;p You can cut the package carefully and save it afterwards!!! I'm currently loving my new haircut because I can't stand to have hair on my neck when it's hot out.
A smartphone case the best ❤
rooth said…
Love my bright blue Spigen case! Also, you guys are so dedicated to taking care of your skin. It makes me feel guilty when I don't even wear sunscreen
I've been using DuoLingo to learn French, but Memrise sounds cool :)
Wow, I am not an Android fan but damn, there is no denying the quality of that photo! Still not quite converted! Apple all the way! I'm on the verge of finishing up MGIAG and after seeing those photos, Masters Sun is going to be next ;o)

Miu said…
I love your Currently loving posts, because you have such an amazing mixture in it! Most blogs mostly show make up products there...
Elle Sees said…
omg you have an s7!! i've had an s4 and s6 (currently). I'm glad they brought back the micro sd card! i debate if i should get the iphone bc of blogging stuff, but now idk!!
Such a great list! I love the variety of things you included :)
I'm an iPhone girl through and through and my husband is using Android, don't think I'll ever convert though, I get really frustrated when I borrow his phone. LOL! And OMG, that sunscreen is the bomb, it's really amazing and I've been really enjoying it and major thank you to you for sending one to me, Emmy!

ps: Rowena is amazing isn't she? She sent me a lipstick that became one of my top 3 favourites pink too!

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity
Pity about the Korean language for Duolingo, well perhaps TenguGo Hangul or Nemo app will work?! That's all I know regarding Asian languages. I also want to switch from iPhone lately. Haven't yet, but I did play around with my bf's new Samsung and the camera was amazing not to mention the screen in general. Happy Friday! x
Summer Styling
Fashionably Idu said…
Wow! I love my iphone 6plus but that shot is every darn thing! Amazing. Waterproof is most definitely a huge plus.
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I should get one of those apps for re-learning Spanish. And yes--we are phone twins! I absolutely LOVE my S7. Welcome to the Android club and Happy Canada Day!
Adam said…
I've had a ipod touch for many years but I think I will just get an android phone soon enough
Mica said…
Oh I'm glad to hear you're loving the s7! I still have the s5, haha! I'm thinking I might upgrade it around Christmas...we will see.

I'm going to look into that app to see if I can learn mandarin with it too - my father in law speaks it and I want to teach my sons :)

Away From The Blue Blog
Beauty said…
Very cool items; the S7 is awesome! It looks so sleek and the picture quality is great. I am a die-hard iPhone fan but I admit the camera on iPhones is not that great.

Have a beautiful weekend.
Unknown said…
Amazing post!
Have a nice week-end!
Photographer Gil Zetbase
Emmy, I just purchased some Samsung tv's for my house. I LOVE the brand! They're always the first to come out with new technology and innovative stuff. I have an iphone, but I'm not in love. Especially with the picture quality. I keep getting it because I don't want to figure out anything new, but I know the Samsung is better. I'm stuck on chuck! LMAO Maybe that needs to change. I need to write down all of these language apps, you Madison etc keep throwing around. I want to learn a new language too :D Rowena is the best! That was a very nice package she sent you! She's always so thoughtful. Love her.
nerline said…
I liked the picture quality when I had my iPhone 4s. Now that I have the 5s, I don't really like the pictures. But I love the fact that it's hard to crack into. I love your phone. You cannot beat water and dust resistance.
Vision By Mila said…
I can see you are really into all things Korean! My friend from Sweden is obsessed!
Jane said…
I need a nengmyun fix stat. And Rowena is so sweet!!

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