From winter to...summer?

I's been so hot lately that I feel like we had a week of spring, and then...bam! Summer! I'm not complaining:D

Topshop jacket, no-name tank, H&M pants, Birkenstocks
I hope you're all having a fab weather wherever you may be:) XOXO


Unknown said…
That jacket looks fab for summer, lovely and lightweight. I find I am struggling as I seem to have heavy coats or nothing at all!

rooth said…
Summer is definitely here - pool time everyone!
Emmy, we already have a tropical depression in the Gulf. LOL That's our Summer greeting. But lately, I've been loving the weather. I love that purple top. The embroidery around the neckline is pretty :D
Anonymous said…
Beautiful post my dear! Amazing blog! I will be very glad if you will come to me! Please write comments to new posts that you like!
Adam said…
Brace yourselves, summer is coming

also there is a strong rumor that Lady Stoneheart from the books will be in the next episode of the show.
I definitely feel the same way. There really was no spring this year! Love your outfit :)
Yep it's been hot like summer in NYC as well. I feel like we were short changed on spring and I want it back ;p
Funny how the weather does that! I'm enjoying the summer weather, too :)
Oh to Be a Muse said…
Looking cute and comfy! Yeah, it does seem like it was winter for a long time, spring for a teeny weeny time and then summer! Very weird weather this year.

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Elle Sees said…
I know you are soaking up all of that warm weather! Sending sunshine from Atlanta.
LV said…
Looking cute! We are about to have some scorching weather her in Los Angeles.
It's supposed to be in the high 20s and maybe even 30C this weekend and I'm not looking forward to it, Emmy! I know it's strange for someone who lives in a tropical country to say that but I swear the sun is much hotter here in Canada. I'm going to

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity
Miu said…
While I'm writing this it's raining cats and dogs ;)
Vanessa said…
Same here, it was unusually mild for a while then the past couple of days, molten lava hot. No transition! But I love summer :) Cute outfit as always.
Sounds like the kind of weather Melbourne is known for bahahaha! Hot one minute raining the next. But I don't mind it, it's a nice reprieve from heat!

Anonymous said…
Lucky you! We had summer in Italy but then we came back to Switzerland and BAM, autumn! Ugh...
Vision By Mila said…
We've had summer temperatures here as well for a couple of weeks! Not the case these days, but hopefully soon they come back!
Yesterday was the first day it hadn't rained. It's been raining for almost three weeks straight and when the sun comes out the humidity is insane!!

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