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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hallyu Fever

Well, it was bound to happen. When I get obsessed over something, I get OBSESSED. (It helps to have a tolerant husband and kids....) Let us take, for example,  my recent love for Korean dramas....

As per the suggestion of Rowena (Kamsahamnida, seonsaengnim! Thank you, teacher:D), I just recently watched My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.
image from

Ehrmahgerd, you guys! Love love love. It has 16 episodes, and I watched the last half in two days...yup... The leads Lee Seung Gi (who is an amazing singer...swoon) and Shin Min Ah are just perfect for the parts. I even like the "villain" No Min Woo, who is officially the prettiest actor I've ever seen.
 No Min Woo (image from
Let us all bask in the cuteness of Seung Gi....

I am also currently watching Oh Hae Young Again (mentioned here). Very different from Gumiho, and it didn't really pick up for me until about episode 3, but I'm loving it as well:)

So, this love for Kdramas has evolved into other aspects of my life....ahem....

I recently read The Birth of Korean Cool, and I highly recommend. Euny Hong does a great job (in my opinion) of explaining how Hallyu (Korean wave) gained its worldwide popularity. In particular, reading about the han and its influence on Korean movies, and how the Korean government played a big role in the spread of Hallyu were very interesting.

And also, the inside of our fridge...
boricha and a big tub of kimchi (Confession: I started eating a lot of kimchi because I read somewhere it's good for those with acid reflux.)
I've always liked Korean food tho....

Anyhoo, this is how I make the boricha:
1) Roast uncooked barley until golden brown. Boil water with roasted barley (for about 20 minutes). Strain.

 My skin care routine now incorporates mostly Korean brands, with some Japanese ones.

Guys, I'm not the only one who gets obsessive over these things, right?...Right?



  1. Heheh I have a friend here in India who's mad about all things Korean too. She used to learn the language, makes Korean food and even dresses and looks like one :)

  2. I have to admit to liking some Kpop. I think GD Dragon is very beautiful and Amber Liu too. How's that for a confession?

  3. My mom likes those Korean dramas on netflix... sigh :)

  4. I dont't know all of this..Korean is a big now
    kisses from Italy
    To me new post

  5. Hello!
    I liked very much the entrance ^^
    Do we follow each other? I already did and I'm on your blog.

    I hope you have a nice day ♥
    ObsesiĆ³n por la lectura

  6. Haha you have really gone all in Emmy! I wouldn't say I'm obsessed since I grew up with Asian entertainment and I just went from watching Chinese dramas to Korean dramas cause I enjoy them more now. It's nice that my husband also shares my interest. I even have him on on his own Asian beauty routine ;p

  7. Sounds like you are having fun with these. I'm not big on tv shows shame on me. What with all the amazing shows out there. I start watching and regardless of how exciting they are, I get bored. So sad.

  8. Me and my husband love Asian movies but action ones. So glad to hear you enjoyed this.

  9. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho looks so cute!

  10. i'm making it a point to check one of these out!! They sound so good. you already know I love korean skincare!

  11. I will have to check these out, since there are so much talk of them, and even a few of m friends have told me about it, in addition to viewing posts on Rowena's blog. I love kimchi. I grew up eating loads of fermented foods, which are very good for you actually. :)
    BBQ Tunes

  12. How does kdrama differ from the American shows? Very curious!

  13. I have never seen a Korean shoe lol :)
    I will try to find the one you talked about with greek subtitles.

  14. You two are definitely peeking my interest! Rowena suggested some movies a couple of years ago and they were really good. Now I'm interested in these. LOL That dish looks delicious Emmy! Good for you with the skincare, because Asian products work really well. It's just hard for me to get them. Great post.

  15. I was reading this post and my husband peaked over my shoulder and said "don't you even think about it'. He has zero tolerance for dramas. HAHA!

    I am envious of your skincare, Emmy! And I'm actually trying to do the same, slowly transition to using only Asian skincare which I think is best for my skin...I mean, like duh, I'm Asian. Do you have a favourite Korean/Japanese brand? What about makeup? Are you using mainly Asian makeup too?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  16. Kimchi and korean food is soooo good for you. Lots of veggies and fermented food is good for you overall :) I want to make some asap! K Dramas are sooo addictive. The only one I finished in Winter Sonata, seen that one?

  17. Amazing post!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  18. Welcome to bingewatchers anonymous, Emmy! ;-)

  19. I have never really watched any Asian movies but my husband does as he travels to S. Korea quite often for business. Great skincare. x

    Face to Curls |

  20. I am with you! When I get obsessed, I get obsessed! :)


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