Inspiration: Lee Se Young

I really love Lee Se Young (이세영) in the Korean series Vampire Detective. She plays Han Gyeo Wool, a tough con artist who joins the detective team played by Lee Joon and Oh Jung Sae after being their first client. Such a cool character. She says whatever is on her mind, can hack into anything, and drinks wine for breakfast...hehe... Plus, I love everything she wears!

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Such flawless skin...sigh...she's just so pretty:)

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 Who's been inspiring you lately?

PS I just recently finished My Lovely Sam Soon  (recommended by Rowena) and lurved it so hard! I also marathoned this one. There was a noraebang (karaoke) scene in one episode that will make you really love this show:)

PPS I'm trying to learn Korean so I can watch these shows without subtitles, so if you're fluent in Korean and you live in the Toronto area (or know someone who teaches it), let me know! Just doing the self-study route right now.

People IRL make fun of my obsessions [aside from my taste in fashion] but when you get to my age, you just stop giving a rat's ass. #truth


LL Cool Joe said…
Anyone who can look that good after drinking wine for breakfast, gets a thumbs up from me! I always seem to want the clothes that the singer Ne-Yo wears.
Coco said…
Eye candy!! Much love my dear Emmy, have a great week ahead!
She has the cutest babydoll face! I love her hair! LOL Emmy! You go girl! I love that you're thinking about taking Korean. Take it to the next level girl! :D
Adam said…
She is very pretty

I assume you saw the Bastardbowl last night. I was so scared for Ghost who in truth never showed up. I guess he learned about Summer and Shaggydog and wanted less screen time.

I couldn't take the pressure so I tried to see twitter reactions while I had it on pause. First thing I saw was Jon Snow dead.....he was in a mess but not ever dead...I mean again.

Poor Rickon but certainly expected. With that third arrow missed, I was shocked. Then the surprise fourth arrow. I guess Bran will have to sire some children with Meera to continue the stark name. I really don't think Jon will be Warden of the North, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men more like it.

I was really hoping Ghost would eat Ramsay, I wasn't even that happy with his death. We knew it was coming ever since Knights of the Vale crushed his forces.
Josie said…
She sounds like such an interesting character - more than just eye candy like a lot of shows do with pretty young female roles. That's so cool you're thinking about studying Korean, good luck! x

Josie | Sick Chick Chic
Oh to Be a Muse said…
Yes! Just stop giving an f! I do like her fun style as well. And it's funny that she drinks wine for breakfast -- like Olivia Pope who only seems to drink red wine and eat popcorn.
Haha a friend of mine who just watched Vampire Prosecutor said that the best thing about it was that it ended LOL I'm not familiar with this actress and I had to google her. She's pretty but much prettier with dark hair. You like what you like and who cares what other people think ;p I'm the same way. People think I have the weirdest crushes because I love celebs like Yoo Jae Suk and have no use for most idols. Well at least he'll never drive drunk or get into a sex scandal O_o
I haven't seen this show, but I'm loving her style :)
June said…
She's so super cute! Now I know why you adore her
nerline said…
I want to go to that country where drinking wine for breakfast is totally okay. I am only allowed to do that on my birthday. She is so beautiful. I love that hair on her.
Try downloading the app DuoLingo to learn languages, Emmy. My husband's aunt and niece used that app to learn Spanish and they are doing so well! I want to learn French but not sure if I could twist my tongue to pronounce the words. LOL!

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity
Anonymous said…
Ohhh she's preeeeetty!
Elle Sees said…
I've got to get into these! This one looks cool!
Beauty Editer said…
Love it. Thanks for sharing!

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Miu said…
For studying, do you know Memrise? It helps me tremendously with revising vocabulary and the basis version can be used for free (so far I do not miss the costing version)
Fashionably Idu said…
Oh wow she sounds super interesting. Drinking wine for breakfast and all. Very brave of you to be learning a new language Emma. I suck at languages even Spanish which is a shame considering I interact with Hispanics for the most part at work. Good luck.
I can totally see you wearing some of these clothes that she wears Emmy. As for learning languages, you may remember
this post a couple years back, hope it helps + free! <3
Vanessa said…
My first thought was "nice styling on this show" so it was funny to see you say you like everything she wears ;) haha all 3 stars are very pretty
Jane said…
Rowena is making all the right recommendations!!!

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