A minimalist outfit for an easy-breezy look:)
Topshop jacket worn with a dress I sewed awhile back


Oh to Be a Muse said…
I am a fan of the minimalist look! Plus, your pink hair really pops against a simple black and white ensemble.
Coco said…
Wow, minimal chic cuteness! Much love darling
Black, white and pink is a winning combination ;D
The dress and jacket are a winning combination!
Beauty said…
Great styling; I love the look and your hair is such a great pop of color to the minimal look. Have a great weekend.
This goes so well with your colourful hair Emmy. Happy weekend to you and your family. <3
Foodie Friday
This style suits me really well too, I am minimalist when it comes to fashion. Makeup, maybe not so much as I love experimenting.

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity
Fashionably Idu said…
I just showed your hair to my daughter cos she wants to color hers. She loves it and so do I. Loving your simplistic look. Talk of speaking without words, beautiful!
Minimal is always in and a style I prefer Emmy! Love your dress & coat. Both can be worn so many ways. Gives you lots of options!

You are welcome! That's why I post them! Plus it keeps me up to date with new beauty products. :D
Anonymous said…
You really rock the minimalist thang, Emmy!
Unknown said…
You look outstanding!
Have a nice week!
Gil Zetbase
Miu said…
How nice :)
rooth said…
Love that dress - it's so summery

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