The A-line Kiomi

I made this dress for the hot humid days of summer. This is so airy and flowy, that I'll probably be making more of this. The best thing is that when it gets colder, you can just throw some cardigan over it and wear your're good to go!
The Kiomi dress I sewed from Lotta Jansdotter 'sbook Everyday Style with Converse sneakers

 I think this is only the second or third time I've posted pictures here on my blog with my prescription glasses on. I've been wearing glasses for a long time...since the 90's actually.I'm near-sighted so I have to wear them when I'm driving (usually), going to the movies, etc....
My resting bitch face...sigh....I'm not pissed off. Seriously!
Inspiration from the book
Happy Monday, everyone:)


LL Cool Joe said…
Ha ha, my younger daughter does a great resting bitch face!

Your glasses suit you. Again my younger daughter needs glasses all the time and she just bought 2 new pairs. One FCUK and the others were Tommy Hillfiger.
Miu said…
The cut definitely looks perfect for hot summer days!
I love the face caught in the last pic though! You look like, "B*tch better have my money" LOL!!!
You're right, it's really the perfect versatile style for summer, and even to remix throughout the seasons. You look great in this pattern and style Emmy. <3
FASHION TALES ~ Superfoodie Fix!
Great style & print Emmy! Looks great on you! I've been wearing prescription glasses since 1st grade! I can't see worth a damn either. LOL They look great on you!
I love the easy breezy silhouette and the print on the fabric you used is really cute! Cute glasses too Emmy!

So glad your oppa doesn't think I'm a napoon influence ;p We finally found some time and finished marathoning Signal this weekend. Really good especially if you enjoy suspense mysteries! You must watch when it hits Viki.
Ugh, why can't we be neighbours? I probably would bother you day in and day out begging you to sew something for me. LOL!

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity
Vanessa said…
YES to airy dresses in summer, it's sooo hot here, too. I loooove everything about that dress. The shape and fabric are perfect. :)
Adam said…
nice summer dress

I will say the Hound had the least dramatically return ever. Though everyone guessed it years ago. I'm curious to see where his story goes. I know the actor loved being in the show so that's good anyway.

And WTF is going to happen to Arya. She can't die, we didn't go through a whole season of crazy faceless men garbage to leave this unanswered.
Elle Sees said…
the pattern makes me think of tardis! love the easy breezy vibe to this.
ann-marie said…
Love the easy vibe to this kiomi dress.

Face to Curls |
Hena Tayeb said…
so cute.. i love it.. perfect for the warm weathers.
rooth said…
Perfectly flowy summer dress - cute pattern as well
Unknown said…
Wow great job in making this dress. I love the print.
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I can totally see the inspiration that you drew from to make your dress. I love how loose fitting it is, and the design on it, too. Would be pretty belted as well. And I also have RBF so don't worry -- you're not alone, lol.
Your dress is so cute, and I love your glasses :)
Imogen said…
Love this dress on you! The print is super amazing.
LeeLee said…
Great dress and hair color.
Jane said…
I love airy and flowy dresses! This is super pretty! And Piri does a good resting cocker face :)

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