I can smile at the old days....

Do you guys remember this old post? Well, I thought it's time for another trip down memory lane. This time, it's when I was a wee lass in the Philippines...between 1 to 2 years old.
with my older sis

my mom and I

My dad and I

 Don't you just love how cranky I look in these pics? I can't even....


Elle Sees said…
I can see your mini-me in those pics!! You were serving some side eye, lol. Love it!!
Jane said…
I love old pictures and walking down memory lane. xx
Vanessa said…
I love grumpy old kid photos in sepia. Your outfit in that first one is actually amazing, can I have that in my size? Love the tropical backdrop of the Philippines in these shots as well.
Oh these pictures are so so cute! It is always nice to look back :)
LL Cool Joe said…
Oh my word you liked to pose in your clothes as a toddler too! How cute. You smile a great deal more these days though! :D
rooth said…
Awwwww, and now I can definitely see how your kids look just like you when you were itty bitty
Beauty Follower said…
YOur outfit is so trendy in the first photo!
How cute you look in the floral bikini!
What a cute blast to the past! You were a totally stylin' kid Emmy! I can see shades of your favorite photo bomber in you little you ;p

So glad you enjoyed TGL. CSW was awesome. Are you going to watch City Hall now? I owe you an email and I'll write more there.
Adam said…
I could tell which one you were before you pointed it out
Your memory photos are stupendous.. You a lovely baby ❤
Fashionably Idu said…
Oh gosh you were such an adorable baby. These are just amazing!!!!!

JJ said…
So cute!!! I love old photos!! You can see the resemblance!
Followed you on bloglovin, loving your blog!!!
Dora www.BangsBang.com
Sharon said…
Haha you look so cute! I can definitely still recognize you!
Hena Tayeb said…
not big on smiling huh?
those pics are adorable.. especially you in your little swim suit..
So cute! There's nothing like an adorable walk down memory lane :)
OMG, Emmyyyyy! You are such a cute toddler and I would have pinched those cheeks to the moon and back! LOL! xx

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity
Vision By Mila said…
Aawww! Look at you! Love these photos! I'm good, thanks! Going to Spain to visit my brother in 2 weeks' time, and then we booked another holiday (Spain again, but beach side) for September. So I am super happy to have things to look forward to! Other than that, Lukas 24/7!
Lovely post!!! Greetings! Happy weekend!:))

nerline said…
Awww! Weren't you the cutest little diva!! I enjoyed looking at these pictures. I can't believe you still have all these pictures. I did not take a lot of pics when I was young. I can't even find my high school pics. Happy weekend Hun!
Mica said…
Aww such cute photos! So nice you have these to look back on. We have old photo albums at my parents but they only ever get brought out to embarrass us haha!

Away From The Blue Blog
Miu said…
Awww, so cute! :D
Emmy, you were a cutie patootie! I love those outfits! My mom put me in two piece and I was super chunky. Everyone said, Bonnie you are wrong for that! LOL I love that first yellow outfit. Girl you were too cute! I love the haircuts. Precious. Very handsome family :D
Love the yellow polkadot pants and ruffle top, you look like such a cutie! And thanks for the virtual-blog-comment-hugs
Girl, that belly is too cute!!! I love your little yellow outfit in the first post!

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