In red this time

This is the third time I've sewn this dress pattern. First in off-white, then in black. I know this is what most people would call a "sack" but guys, it's really such a versatile and comfortable dress to wear. Made with linen fabric, it's just perfect for the summer.

Dress I sewed using the Bantam vest pattern from the Merchant and Mills Workbook, worn with Birkenstocks

from Saks Off 5th

Are you a fan of loose dresses like this?

Anyhoo, have a fab week ahead, everyone:)


LL Cool Joe said…
Actually I'm a fan of girls that dress Tomboy, but the dress looks nice on you. :)
Beauty Editer said…
Great post. So lovely!

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Linen is one of my favourite textiles, because of its versatility. Great dress on you Emmy, and the jewellery looks nice with this as well! :)
That's a great shade of red! I like this type of loose silhouette for vacationing or the beach but I prefer more defined waist looks for the city. You can't beat the comfort though ;p
Unknown said…
I LOVE loose dresses like this for the warm weather!

That's like a slip on dress and a sack?! Hell no, this type of dress is currently on trend and it's beautiful! And definitely something that I would wear so I could eat to my heart content over a BBQ or something...

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity
Fashionably Idu said…
I can see why you'd repeat this pattern. It looks easy breezy, comfy and perfect for summer. I love the color. I'd probably choose this over the black or the off white.
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I totally wouldn't call it a sack. I think it is great for hot summer days when you have to put something on but everything seems like work! Plus, you look fab in red!
Uzo O said…
I love your dress, and the length is so perfect , i also love your hair. Gorgeous.
Such a cute dress! Love it in red :)
Elle Sees said…
LOVE this color on you!!!
I'm a huge fan! I love simplicity! Sew it in all colors. Emmy, in the winter you can add a turtleneck underneath. Looks great on you and I love the color.
Adam said…
cute dress

What's Tommen's favorite band? Fallout boy Rickon Stark's? One Direction
nerline said…
I love linen fabrics and this is such a beautiful dress. I love your bracelets too. You look great!
I don't do well with loose dresses. I love the way they feel but they just make me look way bigger than I really am.
rooth said…
I love that red colour!
Jane said…
i love dresses like this! and in linen of course! so cool and summery!

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