Currently Loving #30

My latest faves:)

1) Son & Park Beauty Water and Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence
These two are now part of my basic skin care routine. I feel the difference when I forget to use these babies.

2) Janome XG 43D Serger
LOVE! This, combined with my basic Janome SUV1108 machine (which has been been a love since I started sewing), just makes creating/altering garments such a pleasure. Now with a serger, it's also much more efficient.

 If you're on the fence about getting a serger, I'm telling you, GO FOR IT! I was scared to buy one before because of all the threading horror stories I've read, but if you just read the instructions and watch the DVD that comes with it, everything should be fine:)

3) Stranger Things
One of the best TV series I've seen in a long time. Both Cheryl and Jane have mentioned it on their blogs, and I was curious why everyone seemed to like this show. Now, I know! Great cast, great pacing of the story, and an awesome soundtrack. This was another show I binge-watched:D

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4) Let's Fight Ghost
Romance, mystery and horror...what more can a girl ask for? The lead guy Ok Taec Yeon is not too bad on the eyes either:P

I liked the fact that you can sympathize with the villain in this show. It also had a great last episode where everything was nicely explained, and you got to see where the characters would be in the future. There was redemption for everyone.
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5) W
A unique story line with many twists and turns. I've never really seen anything quite like this Korean drama before. Han Hyo Joo as the lead actress is just superb, and the supporting cast is pretty stellar as well.
As of writing this, I still have a couple of episodes left to see. Can't wait to see how this show ends.

(Side note: Kang Ki Young is in both Let's Fight Ghost and W. I think he's such a talented actor.)
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What have you been loving lately?


So Alice said…
I must try those cosmetics. Recently I started to learn making hybrid manicure:-)
Jane said…
Oh I love Stranger Things!! I can't wait for Season 2. And Yangkyu loves W but not me too much. We started to watch the ghost drama but didn't continue on. I am however absolutely loving Moonlight Drawn By Clouds -- the lead girl is so adorable. So weird to see her all grown up but nice to see as well :)
I haven't tried anything from Son & Park or Missha. So glad both are working for you Emmy. When you find something in skincare that works for you, stick with it. Glad your new edition to the sewing family is peachy keen! Ok Taek Yeon is GORGEOUS! I would watch it just for him! LOL Thanks for telling us about these. They sound awesome.
rooth said…
I've been LOVING my slow cooker lately - it's so easy!
I've been loving the way the NY Yankees have been playing lately. They were dreadful for most of the season but a recent youth movement has given them new life and it's fun to watch baseball again. I'm close to finishing my Beauty Water but I don't think I'm going to repurchase it for now. Do you use it as a cleansing water or a toner? I don't feel like it works that well as either for me. I have a cousin who looks alot like Taecyeon. My mom is always saying he's handsome and I'm like NO ;p He is like a little bro to me though.
I haven't seen Stranger Things yet, but I keep hearing great things about it :)
I haven't heard about Stranger Things but I'm intrigued. I'm also waiting for W to finish screening so I can binge watch it over a few days hehehehe. There's a few shows I'm waiting for to end. I don't think I can wait for weekly releases with K Dramas. They're best watched in one sitting! ;o) I've started Mr Back while I wait for the others to wrap up. I'm only 3 episodes in and it's ok. Funny but I'm still undecided. I'll probably fall for it as the story progresses more.

Elle Sees said…
I love essences too! I will check those out. And I LOVED ST!!! this 80s kid was all into it.
Shon said…
Hey!! Fun list Em! My oldest watches Stranger Things, ha ha! I see those sergers busy at work!

I cut my hair...check me on insta for details!!
Happy Weekend!
Yes, yes, yes to Stranger Things and we binged watch it too! LOL! I can't wait for the new season to start.

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity
Vanessa said…
Those two products look amazing :D I need to test some essences...and work at making my own for the line, too. :D
Adam said…
I hear Stranger things is pretty good
Vision By Mila said…
Somebody in my neighborhood left a mini sewing machine for who wants to have it at the trash / recycling place. Guess who took it? :)) I already had a big sewing machine, but was contemplating buying a mini one for quick repairs, besides, that's the only thing I'm good at. That one came just in time.. hehe.. haven't tried it yet though, but maybe today. And I've been loving my MUFE concealer and have been hooked on The Killing and Blindspot.
nerline said…
I would love to try the beauty products. Great post. Your workstation looks nice.
Interesting products! Kisses:))


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