New in...coz you just can't have one

I know it seemed like only yesterday that I added a serger to my sewing tools, but I couldn't resist this new addition to the family.

It's a Brother CE5500T Computerized Sewing Machine, you guys! We were at Costco and when my hubby saw this on sale, we both knew I had to get it. It's always good to have a backup, right?
If you're interested in this (and you're in Canada), check out your local Costco as they might still have it. (This cost less than my Janome mechanical machine.)

I'm so used to my mechanical with its basic stitches, so I'm really happy with being able to play with more options. It also has more choices when it comes to types of buttonholes, and an automatic needle threader (always a plus). (I will say though that my Janome is more solidly built and heavier.)
My family is getting bigger! hehe
I also just got this vintage sewing book from Amazon that I've been really wanting for awhile.

I've heard great things about The Bishop Method of Clothing Construction, and after perusing the book, I so agree. Can't wait to read this more in depth. I really want to up my game when it comes to sewing garments.

And last but not the least...I've been wanting white sneakers recently, and saw this at DSW. Score!
Adidas Neo Women's Daily QT LX

Any new haul, guys?


LL Cool Joe said…
Adidas is really back in again isn't it? I bought new all white trainers recently but I always go for high tops, but yours are cool!

I've never heard of a computerised sewing machine but I bet it's fun and easy to use.

You know that gold jacket I said I wanted?? I bought it, now I just need to find an opportunity to wear it!
A backup sewing machine is great especially if it's one that will give you more options! And how cool are your new kicks! I really like the stud details on the back heel. I got a new Armani Beauty lippie this weekend. had to take advantage of the Sephora VIB triple points promo ;p
That new one is so cool Emmy! I love all the different types of stitching you can make! It's good you learned on the old one. It was your foundation. Now anything else you use will be a breeze! Really cool sneaks Emmy! Love them!
Miu said…
Ooh, white sneakers, you are brave ;)
Hena Tayeb said…
yay for you!
I wouldn't know what to do with a sewing machine even if I had one.
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I love those little studs on the back of your new shoes! Fab!
Vanessa said…
I love the shoes and machine! Now teach me how to sew ;) haha I'd love to @ least do some basic shifts but I'm horrible at sewing.
I don't blame you for having a backup sewing machine because you are passionate about sewing. About new haul...hmm, nothing so far as I'm trying to get rid of stuff instead of accumulating it for now. Ask me again next week, things might have changed. :-P

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity
I don't sew (as you probably already know) but I know a few people who do and they have a few machines in their collection. I always thought it was because one specialised in something or other but having a backup would be ideal too. I'm loving your new kicks, the stud details are HOT. The last two days I've gone on a shopping bender with a friend lol. I just finished up with Uncontrollably Fond (HAD to wait for the series to complete because I'm too impatient to wait for a new episode weekly) and thought I'd better get some air! Did a bit of damage at Uniqlo today, some new pants, tanks and a bomber. Rather content with that splurge. BTW I think you'd mentioned this show to me before, OMG has to be my fave one now, more than The Greatest Love! Loved Kim Woo-Bin's acting, though the final episode was a little underwhelming. I'd hyped myself up about and I thought it could have ended better!

Anonymous said…
Love the white Adidas!
Elle Sees said…
Fresh kicks! Ahhh! Love the new stuff and that vintage pattern--the cover is awesome!
Alejandra said…
Hi dear! You have a fantastic blog, I really like it:) Do you like to follow each other? Let me know
nerline said…
I go to Costco every two weeks and I have never seen one. Hubby got mine for me about 6 years ago. I am still loving it. Great sneakers too. It is always good to have a backup.
This is brilliant, looove the Adidas trainers, of course! And, now thanks to you, I did finally get back to sewing a few projects on the weekend. I think having a new machine is always time to celebrate, haha. I used to have 2 overlock machines and actually used them both in design school. Congrats on your new Brother, it's a great investment, Emmy. Not much hauling over here, but I did get some new Clarins skincare, that's it. P.S. let me know if the new app is acting okay, they were having some server issues. (Hugs) x/Madison
That sewing machine looks awesome!
Beauty Editer said…
I love it! Thanks for sharing.

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Adam said…
When I saw the Brother brand I thought "Hulk Hogan's sewing machine?"

Let me sew that for you brother!
Jane said…
you are rockin it! i love how both you and your husband knew you needed to get it! :) i've been wanting adidas originals but without the gold label! i've been searching high and low for them -- sigh~~~ i plan on heading out to their outlets soon so hopefully there. :)
Josie said…
Have fun with your new baby haha! Looking forward to seeing what you make. Love the trainers too! x

Josie | Sick Chick Chic
Mica said…
Oh both great purchases! Look forward to seeing how you wear the shoes, so comfy and casual. And I know you'll get lots of use out of your new sewing machine :)

Hope you're having a great week :)

Away From The Blue Blog
Vision By Mila said…
I never managed to modify my dress. I just wore it like that, with the rim longer than the dress itself, I just didn't care.

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