Currently Loving #31

My current faves:)

1) Sweater Weather scent from Bath and Body Works (available as candles and wallflowers)

2) The new layout of my sewing space
I sew in a corner of my daughter's bedroom, and I'm lucky enough that she doesn't care (right now) what I do with it. I've re-arranged everything in this little sewing corner into something that is really efficient for myself, and am very happy with it:)
The left area

The right corner has my serger.
3) Mosaic knitting
I was able to attend a class last week at a local yarn store that explained how to do this type of slipped stitch knitting, and now, I'm kinda obsessed with this method. Super easy to do.
My teacher explaining her techniques
The sampler cowl I did
4) Snowpiercer (on Netflix)
Guys, I highly recommend this movie by Bong Joon Ho. A long one, but oh-sooooooo-good. I think this is Chris Evans' best film to date. Too bad this movie didn't get a wide release....go watch it now!
Synopsis here.
image from

5) Man On High Heels (also on Netflix)
Well....I may be biased as I love Cha Seung Won, but he was really really really amazing in this film. Aside from his acting, the action sequences are great (albeit violent) and the supporting cast was just as stellar.  Synopsis here.
image from
6) Dior and I (also on Netflix)

images from

This recounts Raf Simon's first haute couture collection for Dior. I just love this documentary and can watch it over and over again. This was a great behind-the-scenes look on all the work that went on in creating the breath-taking collection. Very reminiscent of the documentary series Signé Chanel (which is one series I also highly recommend).

What have you been loving lately?


rooth said…
It's actually been contentious but I quite liked Snowpiercer as well!
Beauty said…
I love Bath & Body Works products and that sweater weather scented products sound interesting. Also, your sewing space is cool and I definitely would be checking out these Fashion series you recommended on Netflix.
LL Cool Joe said…
I thought the first photo showed "Sweaty Weather" scented products, and thought yuck! Lol.

So does your daughter shove you out the room in the evening so she can go to bed? :D

I will need to sniff that Sweater Weather scent the next time I'm at Bath and Body Works. I watched Snowpiercer and Dior and I awhile back and enjoyed both. Maybe the latter a little more than the former. I've always thought Chris Evans was a crap actor and that's one of his better performances but Song Kang Ho pretty much manages to always steal any movie he's in ;p
Too bad the Dior documentary isn't available on Dutch Netflix, but the other two are added to my list :-)
Adam said…
I haven't started Walking Dead but I hear fans are really upset they lost one of their favorites. Welcome to the world of Game of Thrones. I hear the guy they killed off died pretty early in the comics. Like keeping Ned Stark alive until season 4
Your sewing space looks awesome, and the candle sounds lovely :)
Such a lovely post! Happy weekend. :)

Great list of favourites, Emmy. I loved Dior when I saw it. I will have to check out that Chris Evans film! The new sewing space is looking lovely. <3 Happy weekend. x/Madison
This is such a great list of favourites, Emmy! I'll give Sweater Weather candle a sniff when I'm shopping in Nanaimo tomorrow. And thank you for the recommendation of Snowpiercer, never even heard of it before so I'll check it out over the weekend.

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MilanoTime said…
So cool <3
Wish you a great long week-end!
New post:

Fashionably Idu said…
Your sewing corner makes me want to dust off the s/machine sitting in a corner of my guest room. My mom's that she never uses anymore. So kind of your daughter to not mind. My youngest would not mind sharing he space with me either, my oldest maybe lol. I've never used or even noticed sweater weather, I have to check it out. I loveeee your hair!!!!!
Vanessa said…
The scarf you made is gorgeous! I thought the candle was an indie creation, even bath and body works is on it with the mason jar trend! haha
Anonymous said…
YES TO SCENTED CANDLES! I just posted a video on six Rituals home fragrances today and oh my gosh, Emmy, they are all SOOOOOOOOOOO delicious, you should check it out if you're into scented candles etc :-)
LeeLee said…
I loved watching the behind the scenes looks in Dior and I, it was so fun and interesting.
Coco said…
Wow I'd love to watch Dior and I! The other two are too scary for me lol! Omg your sewing-knitting room is so well organised! I think you are doing great items with mosaic knitting. Like a pied de poule turtleneck maxidress, I'd love that!! Finally Bath and Body Works has landed in my town. There's this huge shop, but we both know what's going to happen the first time I walk in :-) can't wait to see you guys dressed up for Halloween!
Miu said…
Mosaic knitting is looking great! And definitely not easy ;)
Vision By Mila said…
We finally got Netflix.. :D I'm not sure what I'm loving lately.. I finished my tv-shows and am in search for new interesting ones (crime preferably), I didn't buy anything new.. but I'm going to Romania this Friday to visit my parents. So there's a trip to love.
I haven't tried the winter scents from Bath & Body yet! Will definitely try it the next time I'm in store. I love your sewing space Emmy! I feel it's important for all of us to have a spot. I shared my makeup room with the laundry room. It worked!
Sharon said…
Sweater Weather smells so yummy!

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