Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween, everyone....from my family to yours:)

Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit

With Eren from Attack on Titan and Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat

I made everyone's costume except for my eldest's (Attack On Titan). 

For those interested:
my Alice costume: By Hand London Anna dress pattern (have used this pattern before for my Fan Expo dress) with self-drafted apron
White Rabbit costume:McCalls 6106
Sub Zero costume: self-drafted


rooth said…
You MADE her bunny suit?! Holy cow! Happy Halloween
Elle Sees said…
hehe all cuties! Happy Halloween to y'all!
MilanoTime said…
So cute!
Happy Halloween dear! 🎃
New post: http://www.milanotime.net/sequin-lace-dress/

Adam said…
I was a red ninja one year for Halloween. Everyone was like "That red guy (Ermac) from Mortal Kombat"
Hena Tayeb said…
amazing.. great costumes.. you are uber talented.
Happy Halloween!
Jane said…
<3<3<3 Happy Halloween - great costumes :)
Great post!!! happy halloween!!:)
So fun! Your costumes are great!!
Happy Halloween!
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I'm in love with it. I was about to ask if you made these yourself, so thanks for already answering that. Fantastic job on the Sub Zero costume.

OMG, you made her a bunny suit?! That has to be one of the cutest mum and daughter costumes! Happy Halloween!

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This is really nice! Happy Halloween.

Vision By Mila said…
You are all gorgeous! God, loooong time no blogging! How are you?
Sharon said…
You all wore the cutest outfits! I love that white rabbit outfit! Haha
Emmy, you guys were just TOO CUTE! See, I could be a part of your family with no problem. We are HERE. LOL I love fairytales & characters as much as you guys. PERFECT! Great job Emmy!
Everyone just looks fabulous in their crafted by Emmy creations! You're the bomb ;)
LL Cool Joe said…
You all look cute. Wow that must have been a lot of work! So what will you do with that white bunny outfit when your daughter outgrows it? :D
Unknown said…
Aww, this is such a cute Halloween guys! Great job xox
nerline said…
Emmy, You did such a GREAT job with that dress! I love the color. It's always good to see you guys. You always have your playful mood. And that headband is da bomb!
Valerie said…
Oh my gosh, I love all the costumes! Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! :)

Vanessa said…
Woooah you did an amazing job on that self-drafted sub zero costume, it looks store made! All of the costumes are adorable :)
Coco said…
I knew I would love your Halloween costumes!! You make the cutest and rock Alice! Here in Italy Halloween is becoming a trend. Children dress up like witches or devils, not like other characters. They do that on Carnival, in February. As for trick or treating, we are working on that lol. Before taking Viola and her friend trick or treating I had to phone in the neighbourhood and ask who would opened the door. I found 5 houses :-) I must thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, it means a lot to me Emmy!!! Tons of love gorgeous

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