Ms. Brightside

I wasn't too sure about the colour of this dress when I got it, but now, I'm kinda digging how it just brightens up the rainy fall days:)
Adidas dress and sneakers (I thought the slit was a nice touch:D)

Do you like wearing bright clothes?


LL Cool Joe said…
Ha ha, do you need to ask me that?

My younger would love your red dress. It goes well with your hair.
Unknown said…
I don't have too many bright clothes but I do have a few bits in my wardrobe and they always cheer me up when I wear them!

Emma |
Beauty said…
Very beautiful outfit Emmy; you look so chic and beautiful. I love the hairstyle too. Have a great Weekend.
For us that like to dress in black (and neutrals) all the time...ahem Emmy. Color is refreshing! The dress looks great on you girl! People are always telling me to wear more color. But I love my neutrals!
I equate wearing bright clothes to making your own sunshine. I definitely like my colors and I've only started wearing more black in the past few years. That's great color on you Emmy!
Adam said…
Does make it look more like summer. Summer and autumn are playing tug of war here.
That dress is so cute, and the color is great for a rainy day!
Elle Sees said…
i freaking love this emmy!!!
Vanessa said…
I looove that dress on your, looks so comphy and a great color.
Marta said…
I love the color, and it's such a cool dress! :)
LV said…
Super cute Emmy and I love the color.
Unknown said…
Bright colours are perfect for the season. That dress looks great on you.

Jasmine xx
I've never seen an Adidias dress before. So cute!!
rooth said…
Oooo yes, love the red on you
Beauty Follower said…
Wow like!
The colour suits you so well!

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