Second Hand

I used to hate hand-me-downs as a kid. Being the middle child, I got my older sister's old clothes sometimes (or my mom would make us dress alike), and didn't like it. Mind you, I never really cared about what I wore until I started uni. Now,  if it fits me and I like it, I say just hand it over....bwahaha!

Hand-me-down shirt and skirt from my mom, Adidas sneakers

How about you? Do you wear hand-me-downs?


LL Cool Joe said…
So your mom must be really trendy too then?
No one gives me hand me downs, I don't think they'd dare! :D
Wow, that's your mums outfit? She must be quite the fashionable lady! Now I know who you got your sense of style from.
Cute skirt! I never had hand me downs since I was an only child but my cousin (the one who resembles Taecyeon) did get some of my hand me downs. I was a total tom boy as a kid though ;p
Unknown said…
I love getting my mom's hand me downs! Sometimes she has pieces that were popular in the 80s and 90s so when I wear them I feel vintage-y and cool :) Also I love your denim skirt!

Mili | Sharmtoaster
My opinion ? FANTASTIC
kisses for you
My opinion ? FANTASTIC
kisses for you
80% of my wardrobe is handmedowns from my mom and aunt
Beauty said…
You are so hilarious about; "hand it over!" Lol..
I am the middle child too and my sister and I are a year apart and my Mom bought us the same things and dressed us alike for as long as I can remember. Now, I just want my own things!..Lol.

I do love thrifting though; great outfit.
Adam said…
I bet Jaime Lannister wishes he had a

2nd hand
Adam said…
also leaked photos seems to have Tyrion and Davos meet up
I sometimes get things on eBay Emmy! People sell a lot of brand clothes I like on there. Also, many times they can be brand new or lightly worn. You can save a lot of money that way. Store prices are so astronomical now.
wow you look so cute Dear:)
Would you like to follow each other?
Awesome! Happy weekend. :)

rooth said…
I've been trading clothes with a friend and that's worked out quite well for both of us, even though she's 5 inches shorter than me!
Coco said…
They look brand new and amazing on you! I don't mind hand me downs but it's especially my sisters who raid my closet lol! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY
Those are your mum's outfits?! Damn girl, your mum must be really trendy! I don't think I ever had hand me downs, I am the oldest and the only girl in the family and my mum and me are very different in size.

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Vanessa said…
I *love* hand-me-downs when I can get 'em. :D When a friend with a similar style is getting rid of stuff I did through it and of course I give away the things I'm done with too. You look adorable in your hand-me-downs.
This is such a cute look! Loving the denim skirt :)
Fashionably Idu said…
That's usually the case when you have older sisters, they hand down everything, LOL. How cute are you in this look? I love love love!
It's funny how attitudes change as you get older. I have the same mentality. If it fits, me keeps!

Mica said…
I used to get a lot of hand-me-downs when I was younger! Not so much now, but as a kid when we outgrew things mum would bag them up to pass onto other friends/family, and it was always exciting to me getting a new bag of clothes from friends or family that they had outgrown and we could get something new! :)

I love that denim skirt with the stripes, I've been hunting for a nice denim skirt in the opshops here but no luck yet.

Hope you've had a great weekend :)

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Beauty Follower said…
NIce set!
I used to wear my elders cousin's clothes when i was a teen. She had great taste in clothes, so i did not mind lol :)
Elle Sees said…
My sis and I are 20 months apart, look nothing alike, but they still dressed us up the same a lot. It always baffled me.
As a kid, my sister got a lot of my clothes since we're almost 3 years apart. And now, if a friend or cousin, is giving something away and I like it and it fits, I'll take it! I also just recently got an old sweater from my grandpa! lol It's so cozy!
Miu said…
As a child I also had many hand-me-downs, not only from my sister, but also from my cousin.
Nowadays we regularly ask each other before tossing clothes out - someone else might still like them :)

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