The boys are back in town.

Fall weather is officially here. The days are getting shorter, and there is a definite chill in the air. These mean the boots and thick leggings back!

an old tunic I sewed (using the Megan dress pattern from Love At First Stitch), no-name leggings, Timberland booties

Is it chilly where you are now? For those on the other side of the world, what's the weather like?


Hena Tayeb said…
I love the fall..
the top is cute!
That tunic top is adorable Emmy! We enjoyed a most glorious week of Indian summer last week and then the fall weather arrived. It hasn't been too cold yet though. I actually overdressed today and had to peel off a layer so I wouldn't sweat ;p
Unknown said…
Love the shoes!!
Chloe xx
Oh to Be a Muse said…
Yay, bring out the Tims! It is definitely chilly today (and I think it might rain, too). Wearing my UGG boots.
rooth said…
Still warm down here Emmy!
That tunic top is so cute on you, Emmy and I'm envious that you can still wear short sleeves outside! It's freezing here...well, it's about 10C. LOL!

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I love that colour on you, so lovely. Over here it's a mix of warm and cold. Today was rather warm and windy. Tomorrow will be rainy and cooler. I'd prefer the latter obviously!

It's been so warm the past few weeks and then BAM!! It's definitely feels like Fall! The mornings have been quite chilly actually!
June said…
Loving the top! Blonde hair is looking nice on you Em.
New Orleans had one day of chilly weather Emmy! LOL I was ecstatic that one day! HaHaHa Temps have been mild since. Can't wait for the cooler weather to return. I love your tunic and remember when you got those boots. They look so good! Also loving your hair Emmy! You look so cute.
LL Cool Joe said…
It's getting chilly here in the UK but still fairly dry which is nice. You can't beat Timberland boots but haven't seen any like the ones you are wearing just the classic lace up ones.
nerline said…
I think it is the first time I have seen your hair pulled back. I love it. I love the top and your Timberland boots too. I what to be in your shoes right now. You look so comfy. The weather is on and off here. But It is better than winter. I love it.
I've been reaching for my legging and boots, too! It's the perfect fall combo :)
I was stuck in rain today, so the Hunters wellies came out. You look adorable in the top. I love the retro-esque print too. Hope your week is going well so far, Emmy. :)
Really nice post!

R's Rue said…
Adam said…
I'm sure you've seen the new pictures right now. Tyrion, Davos, Dany, and Jon all meeting. Jon apparently will be angry with Theon as he's been seen grabbing him. Jorah has been spotting and so has Gendry though never got a good look at him.

The big theory is that Dany is at Dragonstone, but we've seen Dragonstone with Stannis. I can't help to think that she may be at Storm's End instead.
Vanessa said…
I love the whole outfit, looks like a comphy cool weather go-to. It was oddly hot as HELL today here in Florida, no layering for me yet :O haha
Elle Sees said…
Love the outfit! Now send this cooler weather down this way to GA! ;)
MilanoTime said…
What a cool look!
Wish you a nice day dear!
New post:

Beauty Follower said…
Cosy look!
Great post dear! ♥
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Miu said…
What a pretty tunic you made!
Here the weather is around 10°C.
It got up to 86F here. Psshhhh....
Vision By Mila said…
I love the boots and it will snow here tomorrow!

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