Obsession #40

Checking out black platform ankle boots lately. So perfect for fall/winter, right?

1) ASOS Ellen Platform Ankle Boots
 2)New Look Chunky Platform Lace Up Boots 
 3) Jeffrey Campbell Syracuse Platform Boots


Anonymous said…
I kinda like that second pair!
rooth said…
So cute but I'd definitely fall on my face with those
LL Cool Joe said…
My daughters would love them, especially the second pair.
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I like the lace-ups in #2!

The third pair is really cute! I'd like it with a lower platform though. I find the steep ones kind of hard to walk in and I'm 5'6" so I'm not into that much height on my shoes.

It does seems like it took you awhile to get through Blood. I probably should've warned you with what I had heard about the plot and the acting being less than solid. I also heard that the chemistry between the leads was nonexistent which is odd considering they're now married and are really cute together IRL.
Josie said…
I love the New Look boots, I'm so obsessed with lace ups right now! x

Sick Chick Chic
Chelsey said…
I love chunky black boots :) I wear my Doc Martens with everything!
Elle Sees said…
i want #2 and #3!!
Unknown said…
Such great boots! Loving the first pair :)
Beauty said…
That Newlook Chunky platform pair is totally my thing.
Oh my gosh I love that first pair
Imogen said…
Love the first pair the most.
Loving that first pair!
Vanessa said…
The second would be more my speed for comfort but that first pair is definitely a thing of beauty! gorgeous!
Fashionably Idu said…
I just got one yesterday that looks very much like the first one. Mine is open toe though and very very comfy. I can't wait to wear it to work on Monday. These are so lovely!

Mica said…
I'd fall over for sure with the first pair but they do look so awesome! :) I just can't handle heels much haha! Whichever one you go for you're sure to really like it, black ankle boots are a classic that will get worn so much.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend :)

Away From The Blue Blog
Coco said…
Hello sweetie!! Nr. 2 are on my wishlist too now!
I like those chunky lace up boots.
nerline said…
I love the ones in the second picture. They remind me of my school days in NY. Great post!

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