All I Want For Christmas 2016

I know most people post gift guides, but since I'm a selfish beyotch, Imma posting stuff on my wish list...hehe...

1) Anything from the PONY Effect makeup line.
If you're into Asian skincare/makeup, you probably know who Pony is. If not, this is her YouTube Channel.

I just adore her, and have been meaning to try her makeup line, which I heard is just amazing.
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PS One of her most famous makeup tutorials:

2) Nintendo NES Classic Edition
My husband and I actually went to several stores the day this came out but all of them sold out so quickly. (There were peeps who lined up overnight.)
Thanks, Nintendo, for producing, like, only 20 of these. We have been on the hunt since, but alas, no luck. (I refuse to pay the inflated prices on Ebay.) Fingers crossed, you guys.
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3) Olympus PEN-F camera
I do love my 5-yr-old Canon S95, but yeah...5 years old. (Unfortunately, I just can't handle the bulk of a DSLR, so mirrorless cameras are what I'm looking for.)
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4) "The Book of Haps" and "Yokes" by Kate Davies
Because I just want to knit all the things from these books.
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5) A Kamaka ukulele
If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know how I love to play the ukulele (although not quite good yet). This is the one I've been wanting for years. If if it's good enough for Jake Shimabukuro, it's good enough for me:D
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What's on your wish list?


rooth said…
This year, like many years before, I want a PONY for Christmas :)
Beauty said…
Amazing selections; the PONY Effect make-up palette is beautiful and I love the idea of having a personal gift guide or Wish list. Also, that Kamaka Ukulele is just awesome.
Oh to Be a Muse said…
All the stuff on my wish list posts are usually things that I want for myself, anyway! I kinda wanted that Nintendo too. I know a bar in San Francisco that has one in their "game room" and it was so fun playing old school games (and Duck Hunt) on it!
I hope at least a few of these end up under your Christmas tree Emmy! We were at Urban Outfitters over the weekend shopping for a white elephant gift and saw that they carry the Nintendo NES Classic Edition. Good luck tracking one down!
Vanessa said…
These are all excellent things for a wish list. Woah that Taylor Swift transformation :O haha
Great wishlist for this Christmas I hope you can have all
I've got a pink ukulele on my list!
Adam said…
I'm a little shocked the NES thing is selling so well, the Wii and WiiU can get the same games.
Chelsey said…
Ooh your wishlist is similar to mine!
Love your wishlist! I was just talking about wanting to learn to play the ukulele... :)
Yuki Motokane said…
I like your wishlist! I also want those books, they seem interesting. Always have wanted to try knitting :)
Whattttt?! Nintendo brought back the classic?! I NEED to look for it! Try looking at Panasonic cameras, Emmy, they have window but not bulky. I am using one myself. DSLR seems to be all the rage for bloggers but like you I can't stand how bulky it is.

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity
Unknown said…
Love your wish list. I need a Nintendo NES Classic Edition, I am dying to play Super Mario Brothers 2, it was my favorite one.
I have just bought myself a few things already, haha. I hope you get some of these excellent gifts for Christmas, Emmy. That TSwift tutorial is spot on. Just goes to show that you can look any way you want with makeup, lol. What a transformation! <3
Coco said…
I love that you posted your wishlist! I'd love a vacation with my family :-) big hugs love
Elle Sees said…
I still have my original NES! I don't know anyone who got this version--they all sold out like in 5 min!!
I am amazed by the Taylor Swift transformation! Have you managed to snatch up one of those Nintendos?
Emmy, you are too funny! LOL I've heard about that classic Nintendo and how popular it has been. I hope you get everything.
Vision By Mila said…
I have to admit I didn't know who Pony was, but will definitely check her out. I'm after a Shiseido foundation, but will probably get that myself, I wouldn't want Santa to mess the shade.. :D

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