Love this new item I sewed because lookie...overlapping tulip hem! (This is also the first item I've sewed with a cowl neck.) I tend to make stuff that are really super basic or something with a design I don't have yet in my closet, and this definitely fits the latter category.

tunic I made using Butterick B5954 pattern, worn with H&M pants and Doc Martens

 In progress...

hanger appeal:D

Are you a fan of classic designs, or those that are bit more "unconventional"?


Lovely post! Have a great new day.

rooth said…
I like the vent in the back - well done!
Hena Tayeb said…
oh so cute.. i love it. The pleat in the back is a great detail. You are a rockstar my lady!
I love clothes with a twist! What kind of fabric is it? In the first photo it seems to be felt.
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I like unconventional. And I think you're getting better and better. The overlapping tulip hem design is way cool and turned out nicely.

LL Cool Joe said…
I'm very impressed I bet that neck was hard to do. Love the way you put a pink girly thing with black dm boots!
The tulip hem is such a great detail and you did a fantastic job with this top Emmy! It looked pretty cool in progress without the sleeves as well. Maybe you could make a sleeveless version for the summer ;p Loving how your pastel hair looks with the pink color too! I tend to like classic designs with unconventional details. Bet you could've guessed that though ;)
Gingi said…
I love the cut on that! And it really does suit you! Also great color... love love love!! <3 - http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com
Adam said…
looks very cute
Miu said…
Omg, this is so cool!
nerline said…
I love this. I love it so much I cannot breathe. From the color to the style, to the length. I love it on you. You are so talented. Don't ever doubt yourself.
The tulip hem and cowl neck are beautiful details!
I love both classic & unconventional items Emmy! You are getting too fancy for me :D You did a great job!
Vanessa said…
It matches you hair...and looks amazing! So jealous of your sewing skills as ALWAYS. I want to make a wardrobe of unique items, too. I can't wait to take some time to learn sewing soon!
Elle Sees said…
It looks so professional!! I love it.
What a beautiful print and you look great, Emmy. I love cowl necks and they are fun to sew and wear. Well done! x
Impressive your coat is super
A big hug
Impressive your coat is super
A big hug
Mena said…
Very pretty, I love the flow of the top and the fabric is pink so of course it's amazing :-)

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