Inspiration: The Kinfolk Home

"A house truly becomes a home when you fill it with people's feelings and stories," Hideki says."
- The Kinfolk Home, p.338

This is a book by the Kinfolk team headed by Nathan Williams (editor in chief), showing 35 homes all over the world that  exemplifies the Kinfolk look with its emphasis on "slow living". If you are familiar with the magazine, then you know what kind of images you will see here.

I will admit I haven't bought the mag, but have perused through some issues in our local bookstore and visit the website once in awhile. When I saw the sample images from this book, I knew I had to get it. (The price after the discount is almost the same as the mag, so there's that:D) I'm not really well-versed in interior design, but like everyone, there are some arrangements I just gravitate to. (Plus, I just looking at interiors of other people's houses.:D)

This book does not disappoint. Every image is truly inspiring and beautifully shot, with well-written essays discussing the families that live in each home and their design philosophy. The aesthetic might not be everyone's cup of tea, but you can't deny that the dwellings in this book are just a joy to look at.

Below are just some of my was really hard to narrow down, you guys!

My #1 favourite: Tok and Hiromi Kise's home in Osaka, Japan

Are you a Kinfolk fan?


LL Cool Joe said…
Looks like a great book. Some of the looks are little too cluttered for me like I prefer all my clothes hanging inside a wardrobe, not out, if you get me?
Elle Sees said…
Nver heard of it, but I do love Scandi-vibes for decor, so this interests me.
Unknown said…
I’m not familiar with this magazine, but slow living sounds like something I’m interested in, I defiantly don’t want to live fast. I’m making lamps and would love to make furniture in the near future. This mag is the perfect inspiration for me; I’m going to purchase it this week. Interior design is so awesome and interesting and inspirational.
Gingi said…
So much inspiration in these images! Thank you for sharing! <3 - http:/
I did quite like their aesthetic when they first came out but kinda got over it when everyone and anyone was copying it though. Like it's rampant especially on Instagram. That said, yes to slow living! We should definitely all be taking our time to savor each moment (instead of posting it on the internet ;p)
nerline said…
I love the idea of using small spaces in the house as storage. Great inspirations here.
We used to get Kinfolk at work and I was inspired by some things but not always. I still enjoy viewing how other people decorate their home. I love interior design so it's just a natural extension of one of many passions. Diverse Kitchens and wardrobe closets are my favourites. Happy weekend, Emmy.
Vanessa said…
Woah that Japanese home is the space of dreams, especially that cozy living room with the natural textures and well-loved couch. I'll have to get my paws on this book (or at least flip through it at the book store, haha) I saved your second image for my style file. I don't read Kinfolk (the style is so pervasive it feels like I don't have to, so many instagrams and blogs in that style!) but I enjoy the minimalist aesthetic and neutral tones. Just like you I love looking at homes/interiors, anytime they have local home tours I sign up!
I am not familiar with this at all, Emmy but sounds like something that I need to look into. Love the interior that I see here.

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity
Coco said…
These kind of books are somewhat dangerous because they make me crave for changing everything! Tons of hugs my sweetheart! Valeria
Fashionably Idu said…
I'm not familiar with this book but every page is a joy to look at. Very inspiring!
great post!!! have a good day!!!!👌👌👌💚💚💚
Oh, the book looks lovely!
Mica said…
It looks like a really nice book! :) I'm not familiar with the magazine but I do like looking at how other people organise things, inspires me a little! :)

Hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

Away From The Blue Blog
Love this inspiration!
Anonymous said…
Had no idea what a "Kinfolk" home was, so I learned something again today :-)
Sunnyeri said…
Wonderful book!
I`m following ur blog with a great pleasure via GFC and Google+
Please join me
Sunny Eri: beauty experience
I love Kinfolk. They create amazing photographic pieces. I didn't realise this book was available so I need to look into this and get it for myself (I too am curious about people's homes and not in a creepy way either looool)

I love that black closet. The intricate detail on the outside is so pretty. I'm not familiar with this, so thanks Emmy.
Anonymous said…
Incredible points. Solid arguments. Keep up the good effort.

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