Currently Loving #35

A smorgasbord of items I've been loving lately, guys...fasten your seatbelt!
Just wanna say again that I have no sponsors. 

1) Flow Magazine
Just a beautiful magazine. Not only does it have great articles and a nice layout, but I also love the photography and illustrations. Plus, there are inserts that you can actually use, like an awesome colouring book. Not the cheapest, but worth every penny.

2) British sewing magazines
I wish all sewing magazines would come with patterns like how they do in the UK. This one by Sew even has templates you can download online, with the instructions inside the mag.

3) Sleeve board from Wawak
Love this sleeve board for ironing sleeves (of course) and other small cylindrical items. Wawak is also a great site to order from. Super quick shipment!

4) Green tea yogurt from Yogen Fruz
I always get this whenever I'm in a mall. You can get it in a no-sugar/non-fat base, y'all!

5) The Hana Tajima Collection from Uniqlo
Love this collection, and I wish more mainstream stores would carry clothing like this. We live in a multicultural world that should celebrate and not fear ethnic diversity.
Hana Tajima display in Uniqlo Eaton Centre

6) Vampire Prosecutor
I'm actually not done this series yet, but I'm really enjoying it.
Premise (copied from DramaFever):
Min Tae Yeon isn't your typical vampire or your typical prosecutor. Rather than drinking blood from innocent strangers, he opts for blood sold on the black market in the posh bars of Seoul. He also has the uncanny ability to tell where the victims of his cases died—and how they died—based on their blood's smell and taste. The only person who knows of his secret ability is Detective Hwang Soon Bum. They end up working together in a new joint department between police and prosecutors solving murder cases. They are joined by rookie prosecutor Yoo Jung In, and intern Cho Dong Man. Together, they solve murder cases, and Tae Yeon must use his "powers" to find leads on seemingly unsolvable cases. The one mystery he can't solve is this: who was the vampire serial killer that made him who he is?

7) Annika Victoria's YouTube channel
I actually just recently discovered her channel, and have been binge-watching her DIY's. Love her, and her sewing projects, plus her Tokyo Thrift videos are fun!
Let me know what you've been loving lately, or if you are also a fan of any of the things I mentioned above.


Miu said…
I've seen the Flow already in so many different social media accounts - it always looks so pretty!
Sleeve boards are very helpful so I am sure you will get plenty of use from that. Some fashion mags are like that too, I remember one year getting beauty samples, and flip flops in another one. Have a great start to the new week, Emmy.
rooth said…
I'm ready for spring so anything colorful and cheery, I'm down for!
I saw the Hana Tajima collection when we were at Uniqlo over the weekend stocking on on Sale Heat Tech :) I also love that it celebrates ethnic diversity but modesty in fashion as well. I'm honestly so over clothing where people's bits and bobs are all hanging out all over the place. Glad to hear you're enjoying Vampire Prosecutor. I wasn't surprised when you told me you dropped It's Okay It's Love. I think that show had so much potential but they were just too ambitious with all those storylines. We haven't really been watching anything. Cutting down on tv was part of our quality over quantity goal this year.
The magazine is amazing I don't know it
That magazine reminds me of Frankie over here. Not sure if it's sold in Canada though but it feels and looks like a similar theme. Very creative. Gotta bookmark that show to watch next. I've just finished The K2 and really liked it. A lot more action and martial arts, some seriously conniving villains and I really liked the main lead too (Ji Chang Wook). I started watching another show of his now Healer. Looking promising too!

Adam said…
first I've heard of Yogen Fruz
Elle Sees said…
ok #1 has me interested!! I gotta find it!!
I agree, it's really refreshing to see Uniqlo knowledge the diversity and more fashion brands should follow suits. I have been loving skincare these days and not so much on makeup anymore. As you might have guessed, I'm starting to be more keen in trying Asian skincare, I seems to get amazing results with the ones I'm testing.

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity
nerline said…
I love your posts, Emmy. They are so simple and so natural. This magazine should be framed. I have to check out the sewing and Tokyo Thrift videos. They seem interesting.
Hena Tayeb said…
Flow looks like a great magazine.
Uniqlo is doing a great job representing diversity while keeping with it's minimalist brand
Those magazines look awesome!
Unknown said…
I’ve never heard of flow magazine; I like the idea of a coloring book magazine. I have to check out The Vampire Prosecutor; it’s my kind of show. I just checked out Annika Victoria’s YouTube Channel; she’s awesome.
Serena said…
amazing recap and wonderful photos
Jane said…
Lovin the Hana Tajima Collection from Uniqlo!
Imogen said…
The sleeve board sounds so useful. Liking the sound of flow especially the colouring in.
That art magazine looks super cool. I wonder if they have it here. Hmmm.... I don't mind buying pricey art zines because I frame the art I really love so I'm basically buying home decor when I buy a magazine! LOL
Vanessa said…
Flow is SO GORGEOUS! I don't buy it because the cost for now but damn it is astoundingly beautiful. You can't beat frozen yogurt for a treat either, probiotics! Somewhat healthy! haha ;)
That Hana Tajima collection is lovely! I love clothes & styles from other cultures. I would love that magazine. The quote on the front cover captured my attention. It's gorgeous both inside & out. I want yogurt now.

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