It's all downhill from here.

I am tagging this post under "outfits", but really, it's just my regular clothes. I know I'm not much of a fashion blogger, as I don't really buy a lot of new clothes/shoes/accessories, nor am I sponsored. One thing I can guarantee you, however, is that everything I wear/make in this blog is honest-to-goodness stuff I wear in daily life and not just for blogging purposes.

I hope one thing I can impart in this tiny webspace of mine is that being a mom doesn't mean you have to look and act a certain way. We can be adults and still have fun.
old sweater from Universal Studios LA, jeans from urban Outfitters, North Face jacket, Vans sneakers
 It's actually still too cold, and there was still snow when we went to this skate park, so we couldn't actually ride around there. Good thing is that there's a basketball court right beside it that was nice and dry.
I'm by no means good, you guys, but skateboarding is really a fun activity I highly recommend.'s painful and frustrating at times, but you get used to it:P

This ramp freaks me out, but the kids would like to try dropping in someday:D

Happy Monday, everyone!

PS If you have 30 minutes to spare, do watch Oddity from Foundation.
Oddity ad. Image from
One of my current fave skateboarders Cole Wilson is in it.:)


Your children must love having you play sport with them a lot. The ramp does look intense, lol. It's always best to show the true you and I believe that you seem to certainly exude that on your blog, Emmy. Happy Monday!
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I think it's clear as day that you like to have fun and that you're totally genuine. One day the kids might convince you to try dropping in on the skate ramp. I believe in you!
Emmy, I adore you because you are you and you're original. I rather follow someone who is true like yourself than some bloggers whom show something for the sake of blogging and then you never ever see or heard about the thing again. Too many fell into that trap, myself included in the past but no more such mistake this year.
Emmy I just love that you keep it real with your fashions! You're always true to yourself with whatever you wear and do and you're so comfortable in your own skin! That's why you rock! And man are you one fun Oma ;p
Hena Tayeb said…
cool pics. your kids must have fun playing with you..
Imogen said…
I like your blog for that reason because it's better to see a realistic view of everyday life. I definitely agree about not acting or looking a certain way just because you become an adult. Great to see this post.
Josie said…
I love how authentic your outfits are! And how you and your family always look like you're having tonnes of fun x

Sick Chick Chic
Adam said…
Tony Hawk Pro Skater games were enough for me.
Keep being you Emmy. One of my fave reasons to come to your blog is that it's always so authentic (plus that mutual love for K Dramas ahahahaha). I highly doubt that most fashion bloggers go to work etc decked to the nines. I know in my posts everything is staged because life. It's hard enough finding time to take photos let alone capturing them when I wear something which is very rarely these days since I don't do much exciting that requires opulent dressing!

Elle Sees said…
That is so rad!! One of my brothers skateboards and I've always thought it was awesome!! I was just reading an article about the first female skateboarder this morning.
Unknown said…
You look like one cool and fashionable Mom! Have a great week.
Serena said…
amazing photos!
nerline said…
These pictures are beautiful! Thanks for the recommendation, but I will keep my feet off the skateboard for now. But it does look like you are having a lot of fun.
Yes to being an adult and having fun!
That's why I love you & your blog Emmy! You show what you truly wear and not what you think others want to see you in. I much rather see the wardrobe of what someone REALLY wears then gobs of stuff that is bought for show! That's how I feel about beauty bloggers as well.
Lindo lugar arrasou nas imagens, bom final de semana, obrigado pela visita.

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