The Ebony tee

The latest item I've sewn...a cropped tee shirt using Ebony from Closet Case Patterns. I love this pattern, you much so I've already made two. Super easy to make and perfect for the warmer weather that I'm hoping will come soon.

(I didn't know I was photobombed again until I saw the pics later on...sigh....)
Ebony cropped tee #1 with Calvin Klein pants and Timberland booties

Ebony cropped tee #2 with American Eagle jeans and Vans slip on

This pattern has a dress and tunic versions, which I also will probably be making. Stay tuned:D


Unknown said…
Stunning look!
Have a nice day!
Gil Zetbase
rooth said…
Ha - can't keep her away from the camera :)
Emmy that crop top style looks awesome on you girl! I love both the print & solid color design. I love the 3/4 sleeve. This would be great as a dress! Do it! Great jeans & vans too :D
Serena said…
very nice look
This is such a stylish and versatile silhouette! It's no wonder you can't get enough of it Emmy! Love the cameo appearance of the cutest photo bomber in the first two pics ;p
I love the print exciting shirt my dear
You always do a great job, Emmy! I love the cropped Tee and also the print style looks lovely on you. <3 Happy weekend! /Madison
I can see why you love it, Emmy, it's super flattering on you! And LOL to your daughter behind the door, she's adorable!

Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity
Vanessa said…
Give me your sewing skills! I need to learn to sew-up some basics, too :) I'm sure they last longer that way and it makes them more special than store-bought for sure.
Marta said…
The white and orange print is so cute! :)
Dami said…
I love the crop tee, great job Hun
Those tees are so cute! Have you seen the Wanderlust Tee on Creativebug? I made it yesterday, and it's quick and cute :)
Serena said…
Have a wonderful week
nerline said…
Your daughter surprises me all the time. If I didn't know her, I would think there was a ghost looking through your window. That would've been a reason for me not to return to your blog. LOL! She is so precious. I can see why you love that fabric. It looks soft and comfy on you. I like the way you styled both of them.
Miu said…
Hahaha, I love the photo bombs of your daughter :D
Vision By Mila said…
I love how it suits you, that cropped tee. I'd have to work out bit more to be able to wear one.. :D (*bit more* as if I'm actually working out even a bit.....)

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