They're coming.

"Oh my sweet summer child, what do you know about fear? Fear is for the winter, when the snows fall a hundred feet deep. Fear is for the long night, when the sun hides for years and children are born and live and die, all in darkness. That is the time for fear, my little lord, when the white walkers move through the woods."
-Game of Thrones, Season 1

I am so over this cold winter, guys, but alas....Mother Nature has something else in mind. It is the beginning of March Break for the kids, and of course, there's more snow that's supposed to come.
old sweater from Aritzia, H&M shirt, BDG pants from Urban Outfitters, Vans sneakers

I just recently found this sweater after being in the basement for forever. Thank you, KonMari, for making me tidy up, organize and re-discover old favourites:D


rooth said…
Loving those pants!
Yes I love the pull my dear
Excited hair color too
Oh to Be a Muse said…
Happy you found this sweater because it's so good on you. It actually is feeling like spring here in California now, so I hope it starts to get warm by you as well.

Loving the Game of Thrones quote at the top.
Unknown said…
That old sweater is adorable. Don’t you love finding old treasures in your basement or the back of your closet, it’s like going shopping and finding a gem.
It's freakishly cold here in Texas so I know everyone else must be really suffering. LOVE that sweater!
Mary-Grace said…
hi dear, i love your hair
nice blog
Have a nice day
Yes I'm so over winter as well. We're expecting a whopper of a blizzard in NYC tomorrow and I'm even more over the snow even though we didn't get that much this winter. So much for an early spring this year. That sweater has the coolest motifs! Yay for KonMari :) Stay warm chingu!
Adam said…
"One time she told me the sky is blue because we live inside the eye of a blue-eyed giant named 'Macumber'."
Hena Tayeb said…
that is a great quote.. I can't believe we have to wait till July for the last season. ugh
We have 14 inches of snow coming in tomorrow..
Spring? Where are you?
That sweater is so cute! And, what's with March being colder than both January and February? The snow needs to go!
Dami said…
Love x
nerline said…
I love the jacket and the jeans together. I guess I am happy you cleaned up and found that jacket. LOL! It goes well with the jeans. And yes, Spring is coming!
Don't you get me started on Winter and the bloody snow, Emmy. I am so freaking done with both! LOL! I hope/pray that no more snow will come down on my side...I mean it's already Spring FFS!

Serena said…
very nice look,
Oh, I am pleased when I find oldies but goodies like this, and it looks so cosy on you too. I hope ot gets warmer soon over there. One time, I was there for work in April and people were ice fishing, lol. Great Game of Thrones quote. xx/Madison
Emmylou said…
Old Nan has the best explanations:D
Vanessa said…
The killer whale sweater is so cute! KonMari methoding really can unearth some old favorites. I didn't remember but I still have some boxes to go through at my mom's, eek! haha
Shon said…
Hey Friend! Happy Spring, er not!! LOL I love your hair as always and what a cute Orca Sweater. Enjoy your break with the kiddos!
Elle Sees said…
Fab find with that sweater!!
Mica said…
Love your printed pants and that knit was a great find - perfect for the cold weather. Hope the snow doesn't ruin your March break plans!

Away From The Blue Blog
Claire said…
i love the outfits!very comfy ):
Jane said…
We just had snow and it was brutally windy and cold. I think it's warming up slightly but ugh... it's terrible!
I think this is the last day of our cold weather. LOL It's been hit and miss. It's suppose to be back in the 80's by the weekend. That sweater looks great on you Emmy.
Miu said…
Haha, 'my sweet summer child' has become such a winged word for myself :D I know I am late by reading this post, is it still snowing?

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