Waiting for spring

I'm going to be very Canadian today and complain about the weather again. Guys, we just had a brutally cold weekend over here....I can't even! (Yes...it was snowing when these were taken...sigh...)
TenTree hoodie, Evil Twin jeans from Urban Outfitters,Adidas sneakers, hat I knitted awhile back
NB: I don't wear jackets in most of my outfit pics, only because there's only one or two I always wear. I don't walk around in winter just in hoodies...just saying....

Obligatory pose with the daughter:

She's wearing a pinafore dress I sewed using a pattern from the Japanese pattern book Girls Style Book. She likes any dress with pockets (like mommy), so she loves this one:D

Because of the cold weather, all outdoor activities are inside for now....huhuhu...

On another note, let me just freak out for a moment as I share this:
Rei Shito actually saw my post about her and re-tweeted it! Wut?!?!? #DayMade

And also on another note:it was my hubby's birthday yesterday! Happy birthday, G. <3


Unknown said…
Congrats on the beautiful dress you made for your daughter.
OMG how cool is this inside skateboarding, you really are a hell of a cool mom.
Best wishes
LL Cool Joe said…
Love the adidas high tops. I do love the fact your daughter pops up in your photos, and you can tell how proud she is wearing that dress!
Serena said…
amazing outfit!!
Dami said…
Oh you daughter is gorgeous and looks so cute in that dress.

The pics of your daughter are adorable. My mum used to make pinafores styles for my sis and I when we were little. I think you did a great job, Emmy. How sweet that you also got a Retweet! Thanks for your visits. Stay warm, dear! <3
Hena Tayeb said…
I am waiting for spring too.. we have a few deceptively warm days and then boom we're at below freezing again. argh
You two are so cute!
The weather has been so crazy lately! We had a tease of spring last week and then it was totally freezing over the weekend. I'm definitely over the cold weather as well and looking forward to spring. That dress you made for your daughter is super sweet and she sure looks like she loves it :) Supercool on the retweet!!! Happy new week chingu!
Adam said…
At least you don't live in the Yukon which is probably like beyond the wall. Probably more White Walkers though
Happy Birthday to your husband Emmy! I love your daughters pinafore dress. So cute. I was watching the weather on the news and they showed the temps in Canada which are in the negatives! Crazy! It's in the high 70's here!
It's so awesome when someone you admire retweets you!
Mica said…
Oh hope you get some warmer spring weather too! Its funny we are waiting for it to cool down here now that it's autumn. The heatwaves seem to be continuing :(

You're so talented too, that dress for your daughter is beautiful and she looks so happy in it!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

Away From The Blue Blog
Beauty said…
I hope your weather starts to warm up; I'm also getting tired of the winter temps. Great job on your daughter's dress and congratulations on your hubby's birthday.
Elle Sees said…
Hapy bday to the hub! OMG WHEN DID SHE GROW UP? She was just 3 like 5 min. ago!!!
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I'm loving the Vans style and the pinafore dress. Hope you weren't too cold in your distressed denim. Come on spring! And happy belated birthday to your hubs.

- Congrats on the Retweet, very cool!
- Happy belated birthday to your husband
- I always thought complaining about the weather was something Dutch, we do it here too! No matter the weater, it's always too cold, too hot, too windy, too rainy....
- Waiting along with you for spring
- :-)
Really lovely comfy Style
Happy woman day
Such a great look, it’s a nice way of styling both of you!
Instagram @grace_njio
LL Cool Joe said…
Btw I gave you a mention on my blog. :)
rooth said…
Brrrr! It was warm here last week and now it's cold again? Who knows what's going on with the weather lately

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