At a loss

Since I've purged and did the KonMari method of tidying up, I must admit that outfit posts have been really a bit of a struggle. Even though I sew/knit and buy a few items here and there, most of what I wear are just repeats now more than ever (like the outfit below). I've really narrowed down my outfits into faves/basics that they are all in heavy rotation.

Technically, my intent was for this blog to be fashion-oriented, but really, I will confess here now: this page lately is turning out more like a  journal, and also a motivation to not go out of the house in tattered jeans and shirts (coz frankly, if I don't do any blogging at all, that's all I'd probably wanna wear most days.)

But hey, sewing/knitting is fashion-ish, right?
shirt from Urban Outfitters, Joe's Jeans leggings, Vans sneakers

For those of you who've been blogging for awhile, has your blogging style evolved throughout the years? Where do you find your inspiration when it comes to posts?


rooth said…
My blogging content has definitely evolved over the years and I'm also a bit at a loss about what to do now... do let me know if you have any suggestions
SHON said…
Very nice. Thanks.
Miu said…
I think you should do a little survey if anyone would actually notice that they've seen the same clothes already here ;) And your blog should be your little place where you do whatever you want. I love reading about other peoples' lives anyway ;)
Hena Tayeb said…
I don't feel the need to define ones blog so strictly.
As I had kids, changed houses, traveled I grew my blog to be less based on art and more on life in general.
While of course our readers are very important the blog is yours and should be based on what you want it to be about.
Adam said…
My format was meant to be random, but I've tried a few things and I always sticked to what I enjoyed writing
This blog can be whatever you want it to be Emmy! I think it's great and realistic that you rewear your faves and I always enjoy seeing your creations. My blog has definitely evolved over the years but lately I've been trying to put out more content that would be helpful to others and I've personally become really interested in organization/minimalism.
Emmy, that means you're growing! If everything stayed the same it would be boring. I started with a fashion blog. Now I'm into beauty but that is gradually waning. I'm looking more to a lifestyle blog with some beauty next year.
LL Cool Joe said…
The content of my blog hasn't changed much over the years but my style of writing has. Not on purpose but I think I used to use a blogging "voice" and now I don't.

And I agree with Rowena, it's your blog so do what you want with it!
Fashionably Idu said…
If I weren't blogging i'd probably want to be in bed all day everyday. I have to look up tidying techniques cos my closet is becoming messier by the second. I love this top. Doesn't matter if these pieces have been on heavy rotation, they still look absolutely beautiful.
Imogen said…
It's a good thing for style to change over time and it's always interesting to see. I always like coming to your blog.
Amy Aed said…
My style was very childish to begin with, and now I feel like I've advanced a bit. Even though my last pos didn't have any text haha.

Little Moon Elephant
Sharon said…
It's your blog, so you can post whatever you want! :) I always love your outfits, you really have such a personal style and I really admire that. I wish I could be that stylish, but I guess I don't get much further than a skirt and a t-shirt every day haha. Sometimes I blog about personal stuff, other days about a designer handbag I bought, and on some days I write about wearing sweatpants and playing videogames, so my blog doesn't have a specific subject either.
Sakuranko said…
Oh I really like your shirt

Blogging forces me to look presentable at least one day a week, ha ha. My style has changed since I started blogging. And, sewing and knitting are definitely fashion blog worthy :)
My daughter saw your pics and just went "Woah! It's a rainbow hair!" She loves it. When I first started blogging I only talked about being pregnant, then I had River and then mostly just blogged about my outfits. After I gained readers I saw hardly any of them had kids and I was kind of afraid to talk about family stuff and babies so I stuck with fashion all the way until Cedar was born. I "outgrew" over half my wardrobe, we went broke and I didn't really have anything clothes to feature so I started including more family stuff.
Elle Sees said…
Mine has evolved, definitely. Blogging has changed too and I miss the old days!
Blogging in general has definitely changed. Like Elle, I miss the old days too.It's normal to evolve as a person and a blogger. My blog started solely as a fashion and design blog, but a few years ago I made it a lifestyle blog to share more of what I enjoyed and what I was doing in my life. Write whatever you feel! :)
I think you should blog anyway that makes you happy, Emmy! My blog started out as a journal and slowly evolved into what it is today so it's normal for the blogger and the blog to change. And I think it's great that you kept wearing your favourite clothes because that's what we all do in real life. xx
Unknown said…

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Oh to Be a Muse said…
Sewing is fashion! But I'd be totally fine if you didn't want to post outfit photos as much any more. I would love to come to your page and read it journal-style and learn more about your life. And yes, I've changed my blogging style before. When I first started it was all about movie and book reviews only as I was too nervous to share full on outfits on the internet.
Vanessa said…
haha I am SO here with you. I did several ruthless KonMari purges on my clothes and in the final round was just brutally honest even if it meant I have woefully little clothing. I'm wearing like 5-6 outfits on rotation tops? ;) BUT I'm having fun searching online for the best vintage replacements. By your outfit photos it looks like you're doing an awesome job!
Valerie said…
I've always believed that blogging is like a personal journey, and how it changes over the years is what makes it even more interesting! I really enjoy visiting your blog, and definitely think sewing/knitting is fashion! :)
Coco said…
Honestly Emmy I love your blog because you're authentic and you share your real life. I love your style and what you write about your family adventures. So whatever you want to write about, I will always come back here because of you! Love you sweetie!
Josie said…
I repeat a lot of outfits on the blog I think, I'm always wearing the same jeans haha! Nothing wrong with that though, I like blogs that are a little more realistic as let's be honest, who really wears an entirely new outfit every day? This is your blog and it can be whatever you want it to be - I for one always love reading whatever you write and I know I'm not the only one! x

Sick Chick Chic
Beautiful shirt
Maggie Dallospedale
I kind of find myself confused over the direction my blog takes sometimes. Though lately I've focused more on fashion since that seems to draw in readers more. But it's hard doing outfit posts. I'm not confident enough for self photography since I don't have a spot in private to do it myself. So I need to work with a friend and out schedules hardly ever match up. Most posts are staged and planned. Not as organic as I'd like. But then again I spend most days head to toe in black for work so taking daily shots doesn't exactly translate either since most are repetitions etc. I find inspiration everywhere, it's trying to translate it on myself that proves difficult!


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