Inspiration: Lacey Baker

Lacey Baker is IMO one of the greatest skaters out there and someone who really pushes the boundaries in skateboarding.

"The skate industry is a bunch of dudes making decisions and judgements. If I don't have long hair, wear tight pants and a push up bra then they decide I look too much like a boy. They don't care about how well I skate or my skill level. It's about how I look. It's about how we all look. It's catering to all these dudes in the skate industry. "Who's the prettiest? We choose you..." .... Maybe if I did conform to what they wanted to see they'd give me what I want. I'm not going to do that...."
Full interview on Broadly here
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My kids and I are just in awe every time we see her do her thang! #goals
Who's been inspiring you lately?


Lacey Baker sounds like a total badass! People who push the boundaries in their field are always inspiring :)
Adam said…
First I've heard of her, but to be honest, I really thought she was a guy when I saw the photos.
Unknown said…
I’ve never heard of Lacy Baker but she is my type of woman! I love women that are brave enough to be themselves, no matter what that looks like and how other people think you should act. I’m now a fan!!! Thanks for introducing me to her Emmylou
Serena said…
Amazing post
nerline said…
She is so strong. I love her quote. Such an inspiration for sure. Happy weekend doll!
Marta said…
Wow, she's incredibly talented!
Mica said…
She sounds awesome! I've sadly never heard of her before which is a shame! Definitely an inspiring woman!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

Away From The Blue Blog
She sounds very cool!
Wow! Emmy, she is absolutely amazing!
Vision By Mila said…
I have to admit I had no idea who he is.

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