Nice to see you again.

This is another outfit you might have seen a few times in this blog already over the in the same tunic and leggings. What can I say? I'm loyal to my clothes:D
JET by John Eshaya tunic, no-name leggings, Adidas sneakers

Out and about
Taken at the Waterfront at downtown Burlington, Ontario
To all those celebrating, I want to wish you an Advanced Happy Easter. As a little treat, here's a short vid for you to ponder over:D


I do the same thing Emmy! When you love something, WEAR IT...WEAR IT AGAIN... WEAR THE HECK OUT OF IT! HaHaHa Looks great on you! Your daughter's voice is beautiful. She can sang! Need a manager? Sign the contract girl!
rooth said…
I love that song and I love her version :)
Serena said…
beautiful outfits
SHON said…
Great post! Thanks for sharing!
LL Cool Joe said…
I'm very loyal to my clothes too, if I love em and they still fit I'll wear them for years, but I still buy new stuff too. This is why I have no room in my wardrobes!

Your daughter is such a cutie with a great voice!
I'm the same way with the clothes I love that I sometimes ignore other parts of my closet LOL Happy Easter to you and your family Emmy! You're little one is a natural in front of the camera and she sings beautifully :D
Cute looks are always worth repeating!
Boris Estebitan said…
Eres muy original, que estupendo cabello :)
There's nothing wrong with being loyal to one's clothing. I have a jersey dress and grey Tee that I just love to wear different times. You look great, Emmy. Wish you a wonderful weekend.
Vanessa said…
Especially since doing the kon mari method so many times I don't have many clothes or outfits, I have a lot of repeat. But it's much better this way cause I love all I wear. Also, wish I could sing that good O_O
Mica said…
Love that photo of you and your daughter, so cute! :)

I think when you like something, you should keep wering it, so never feel bad about repeating things!

Hope you are having a lovely Easter and enjoying the long weekend.

Away From The Blue Blog
Imogen said…
When you find an outfit that works you just have to go with it. Your hair looks absolutely incredible.
Marta said…
Happy Easter Emmylou! The tunic is super cute, no wonder you wear it over and over again :D
I say if you love the outfit wear it again! It is SUPER cute on you!
ellie said…
Thanks for sending me the link! Awesome. So great to see this pattern in action!

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