Some Thursday Inspiration

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for the wonderful responses to my last blog post. Most of the people who commented are those I've been reading for a long time as well, and it was great to read about how your blogs have evolved as well throughout the years. You all inspired me:)

On that note, here are some images that have been also been inspiring me. Our weather has been really wonky lately...warm one day, then cold and rainy the next. Hence, the images I like kinda reflect this.

image from

image from

image from

image from
image from
image from


Our weather has been similar. It's like just make up your mind already LOL I think we're in for a warm spell over the weekend and it's so welcome. I've been busy turning over our closets.
rooth said…
That first look is 100% my summer look. Good to know it hasn't gone out of style
Chelsey said…
It's so nice to come across inspiring blogs! It's just started getting colder in Sydney, you can feel that Winter is jut around the corner now.
Adam said…
We had nonstop rain here for awhile, I hated it
LL Cool Joe said…
Only Kate Moss can get away with that rock festival look! Look how thin she is too! Have you seen the Ab Fab film, I think you'd enjoy it.
Miu said…
Omg, the last picture is so classy :D
I like this style inspiration and your blog too
Great outfits! Happy weekend!:)

Marta said…
Princess Di is still the classiest of them all! Great fashion inspo :)
So beautiful and inspo selection
Maggie Dallospedale
Fabulous style inspiration!
Fashionably Idu said…
Same here girl. SF weather so has a mind of its own. This is great inspo.I love Nicole.
I love Nicole Richie's style! She always looks so cool. What a great pic of Princess Di and Charles.

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