Skeleton in the closet

It's finally getting warm over here that I can wear this shirt. This top is also great to wear over bathing suits or work-out clothes.
old top from Hot Topic, Levis jeans, Vans sneakers
I like how the back crosses. (Excuse the wrinkles...I never iron my shirts:P)

I'd also like to share another Catholic ceremony we had this week. My eldest son had his Confirmation.'s been a busy month in terms of religious celebrations!

My mom was his sponsor.

What have you all been up to?


rooth said…
Awww, again, I love all the family pictures. Congratulations to him!
I love that it's multifunctional and how it criss crosses in the back Emmy! That's so cute. Congratulations to your son! These catholic events bring back so many memories. I remember my confirmation. Mine was in the 8th grade!
Adam said…
Congrats to your son
That tee is so fun, and congrats to your son!
Shon said…
Congratulations!! What a beautiful family you have, Em!! I hope that you all have a lovely weekend.

What a rebel you are for not ironing. I feel ashamed when I don't iron, unless it is linen. LOL
A busy month, indeed Emmy. I like your Tee and I could definitley see it worn for a swimsuit covering. <3
Marta said…
What a cute family you have! :D
Sharon said…
Congratulations to your son! I really like your T-shirt!
Fashionably Idu said…
Congratulations to your son. My daughter is currently in CCD classes in preparation for confirmation. You have such a lovely family.
I had to follow the link about what a confirmation was. My knowledge of catholicism is super basic. Thanks for sharing! AND I learned something new!
That tee is stunning. I love anything with skulls or bones hehehe. And I also don't iron my tops. I don't even iron shirts sometimes hahaha! I kind of prefer them with wrinkles. Or maybe I've just become accustomed to such things

Elle Sees said…
Congrats on his confirmation! That's awesome!!
Miu said…
Congratulations also to your son!
Vision By Mila said…
Your kids are so big! You have a nice family! We're trying to book a beach holiday, weather here is HORRIBLE this year, even if it's sunny, there's always wind that takes the warmth away. Seeing you in the t-shirt I figured I might have a look in the closet and see what summer clothes still fit me, in case we do make it to Spain or Portugal.

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