What have I been watching

I just thought I'd share some of the stuff I've seen or currently watching that I highly am recommending. They're not new films/series, so you can easily watch them now:)

1) Your Name
Your Name is a Japanese anime movie released in 2016, and is the highest grossing anime film world-wide to date. All I can say is that it deserved all the accolades it got.

If you haven't seen this film yet, go and see it now! Go! One of the best I've seen. It's time-travel/comedy/romance all rolled into one awesome cinematic experience.
image from variety.com

2) Goblin
I've been really fan-girling over Gong Yoo since watching him in Train To Busan last year, so I was really excited for his newest Korean drama Goblin. It showed from December 2016 to January 2017 but I wasn't able to watch it till now. Ehrmahgerd! I just started it, and I'm obsessed already!

I am really loving Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Work (as the Grim Reaper), and the scenes are just beautifully shot.

(Some scenes were shot in Canada as well...not Toronto though, but still....)
image from drama fever.com

3) Doctor Strange
I've seen this too many times already. Benedict Cumberbatch....that's all Imma gonna say....

4) Get Out
Just one of the best horror/mystery I've seen in a long time. A unique story line and great acting by the cast as well. Jordan Peele (writer/director) is da man!
image from variety.com

5) Arrival
A great take on the alien/science-fiction genre. I'm not the biggest Amy Adams fan but she was really good in this movie. I may have shed a tear or two....just saying....
image from variety.com

And last, but not the least....
6) John Hill's YouTube channel
I've been really watching a lot of vlogs lately, and John Hill's channel has been a fave as of late. Even if you're not into skateboarding, his channel is just a lot of fun and I find him very inspiring.

What have you watched/been watching lately that you recommend to others?


Picked up Doctor Strange from the Library last weekend :-) Yesterday I finished the second season from the Fall on Netflix.
Hena Tayeb said…
I saw Doctor Strange and The Arrival.. both interesting watches.
Though I am currently utterly captivated by The Handmaids Tale and just finished watching Legion and Big Little Lies which I also loved.
I've been meaning to watch Your Name. Good to know how much you enjoyed it Emmy! Haven't been watching much lately besides baseball.
I have not seen Your Name but will put it on my list. I have several films to finally watch soon so may have to do that in the coming week. I saw Dr Strange but I've not seen Arrival yet. Happy Monday! x/M
LL Cool Joe said…
I don't watch TV at all but I really wanted to see a series called Little Boy Blue. So far it's been very powerful.

Adam said…
I haven't seen Dr. Strange yet, it's suppose to land on Netflix instant in like two weeks
Unknown said…
I’m always looking for new shoes to watch so I’m going to check out Your Name, Doctor Strange and John Hill YouTube channel.
Fashionably Idu said…
Thanks for these recommendations Emmy. I hardly find time for movies anymore but I really do need to. I totally feel overworked and need some relaxation time.

Dami said…
Thanks for the recommendations, will check them out.
Sharon said…
I love Your Name! It's a great film. I have quite a lot of free time this week, so I'll check out some of your recommendations :) Thanks!
I haven't watched any of these. I will have to get with it. LOL I've been watching HGTV's show Fixer Upper. It's a husband wife duo that flips houses. She's asian and has some mean home decorating skills. I love her style.
Oh to Be a Muse said…
Train to Buson was such a good movie -- scary, but fun. And I also liked Get Out and Dr. Strange. I watched Arrival, but it was midnight and I fell asleep, so I feel like I need to re-watch that.

Eleine said…
Great post dear!

I haven't the time to see it thank you dear
Great post!:)

Very interesting post! Kiss 👌👌👌
Valerie said…
Great post! I need to watch Goblin because the Train To Busan is one of my favorite movies! Also Get Out is on my must-see movie list, but I do hope it is not too scary! :)

Imogen said…
I really want to see Your Name! Must do so soon.
Vanessa said…
I've got to watch Get Out it looks so interesting! Thanks for sharing the anime movie too, hadn't heard of that one, I've been out of the anime loop lately.
I just finished Goblin! And yes I thought that was the same actor from Train to Busan hahaha. I liked this show. But I'm a little unsure about the age difference between the characters. I mean she's a high schooler after all... that was one thing that felt a little wrong to me. They should have made her in college or him a little younger. I also really didn't like ALL THOSE PRODUCT PLACEMENTS. It was insanely bad with this series. Almost every scene! Ahhhh! I've started watching Entourage which is weird after watching a bunch of PG13 dramas going to this one lol. It's dead funny. A little in keeping with Mark Wahlbergs original. You should check it out! It's great for some PG15 laughs

Oh. I hated the ending to Goblin. I really, really disliked the final episode.
Miu said…
I hardly ever watch movies right now and I'm also slow on watching series ;) One that instantly comes to my mind every time when being asked which I like is Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but I think it is hardly ever a new recommendation by now ;) Another series I'm sporadically catching up on is Suits, but right now I've hit some kind of a slump with it; it doesn't grasp me as much as it did when I discovered it.
Vision By Mila said…
I've been into Scandinavian TV lately (Netflix), really loving the nordic noir vibe and all.

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