On July 1st, Canada will be celebrating its 150th year anniversary. Woohoo! What better way to celebrate than to wear our national colours of red and white:)

Hudson's Bay hoodie, plain white shirt underneath, Habitual jeans, Vans slip ons

Advanced Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks!


Elle Sees said…
Happy 150! And I LOVED the pic of your Prime Minister for Pride!! That was awesome!
Happy Canada Day to you and your family Emmy! 150 years woohoo!
rooth said…
Nice - happy Canada Day!
Very excited for Canada Day! Love the hoodie. Hope you have a great time celebrating this weekend :)
Valerie said…
Happy Canada Day!!! I'm loving the Canada hoodie...so cute! :)

Chelsey said…
Cute! Happy Canada Day!
Adam said…
Have a great Canada Day tomorrow
Marta said…
Advanced happy Canada Day, Emmylou! :)
Unknown said…
Thanks for letting me know Canada's birthday is July 1st! I love ananda I can’t wait to visit again. I need those red shoes and that red sweat shirt
Yuki Motokane said…
A Happy Canada Day to you :)

yuki, solivagantic
Kris said…
I love your outfit! And happy Canada Day!

Have a lovely day!

xx Kris
Unknown said…
OMG I love Canada, I’ve only visited Toronto but I’m hooked. Everyone was so friendly, it was crazy clean, and the food was to-die-for. Look at all the little smiling faces. I’ve never been to the Royal Ontario Museum but next time I visit this is going be my first stop. Happy Canada Day my friend, I love your outfit :)
Cool sweatshirt Emmy! Canada is great. Everyone I've met online has been so nice and you don't hear about the problems other countries are experiencing.

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