It's all about the sleeves.

There's a current trend for tops with what I call "enhanced" sleeves... may it be bell, tulip and such. I thought it was about time I sewed one.
Pattern is McCalls7542 (worn with Gap shorts and Adidas sneakers)

In progress:

This McCalls pattern comes with varying sleeve shapes. Check it out!
So many options!
Are you guys a fan of this type of top?


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  2. Looks good

    also only a few more days!

  3. Haha, enhanced sleeves! I love that you're talented enough to create your own. You did a wonderful job. Would love to see you try the B pattern, if that's your style.

  4. Such a fun print and silhouette! Always love getting a BTS of your creative process Emmy :)

  5. Look at you, looking crazy cute. I’m loving that shirt, ‘enhanced’ sleeves are all the rage right now. I can’t believe you made this, I need to learn how to sew.

  6. so nice post :)
    have a nice weekend :)

  7. It is stunning! I love the shape, print and the drama of the sleeves! Well done, friend.
    Hope you guys are having a lovely summer. Oh, btw, thinking of getting an undercut pixie?? Any suggestions?? LOL

  8. that's such a cool top and you're so creative!
    also, i love your pink hair. continue doing what you're doing. :)

    saying hello all the way from the Philippines!
    i hope you can drop by my blog too and follow if you like.

    have a great day! :)

    xoxo, rae

  9. I love the statement sleeve trend although with two toddlers I've been fairly certain it would never work for me - I have to dodge stains often enough, never mind having sleeves to get caught in messes, haha! I like this shorter statement sleeve style - much more practical but just as pretty :) You did a great job making this, it's incredible! :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  10. I love those sleeves and the fabric you chose!

  11. I'm loving a funky sleeve right now! This looks fab on you Emmy and how clever that you made it yourself x

    What Josie Did Next

  12. Sleeve treatments are such great details for simple silhouettes as well. You did an amazing job, Emmy. Yep, I'm back! x/Madison

  13. Oh my gosh! Love! I bought a shirt recently with sleeves like this from ASOS but returned it because it didn't fit me right, but I loved the sleeves so much :)

  14. Statement sleeves are definitely the thing Emmy! Love your top! Looks so good on you. What a great pattern.

  15. Love love love.. i think this may be my all time favorite creation of your..


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