New in...Vans x Thrasher

As a mag subscriber, I felt like it was my duty to wear these:D As Alicia Keyes would say,"these shoes are on faayaaaaaaah!"

Thanks to hubby for buying these for me. My one and only sponsor:P

Vans x Thrasher Slip-On Pro

Out and about

Do you wear slip ons? Any Thrasher fans out there?

PS I know there's some hate about people who don't skateboard wearing Thrasher stuff.  All I can say is ...wear what you love. (Honestly though... I don't see a lot of people  where I am who wears Thrasher stuff so I don't know...)


Yep I'm with you on wearing what you love. But at the same time, I think I know where those people are coming from cause nobody likes a poser or bandwagoner. It's like those people who suddenly wear gear supporting sports teams that they couldn't care less about until they started winning.
rooth said…
Every time I see a pair of Vans, it reminds me of my grandfather who would wear the checkerboard ones. So thank you for putting a smile on my face :)
LL Cool Joe said…
Although I tend to wear hip hop stuff, I often prefer skater shoes, they are a bit chunkier.

I really like your shoes, very cool! I never wear slip ons as they tend to slip off!
Adam said…
You know I still want a scene between Olenna and Lyanna :(
They are HOT Emmy! They look so good on. I don't have a pair. I need to change that.
Mica said…
They are very cool shoes! :) I'm more of a Converse than Vans girl, but they look awesome all the same. I agree with wearing what you love - no matter what you do! We should dress to make ourselves happy!

Hope you are having a lovely week so far :)

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Valerie said…
I love the sneakers...the design is so cool! I'm a huge fan of slip ons...they are always so comfortable!
Vanessa said…
Those look so awesome and comfortable! I don't wear them at the moment but I konmari'd away almost all my clothes and need new ones. May have to consider slip ons more, hmmm :)
Those shoes are totally awesome!
Unknown said…
Yes Yes and Yes, I love these shoes. I would totally rock them.

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