Summerlicious 2017

Every year, some friends and I do a Summerlicious dinner as a way to catch up and get together. (Here's a post on Winterlicious 2012.)

This year, we went to Hot House Restaurant. The food and the service were good. Company was great. What more can a girl ask for?

My daughter came with me, because apparently, I am not allowed do anything without her (according to her)!

Here's a selfie with my friend M who I met at work ages ago. I met my husband through her! She set us up (she's my husband's godsister), and the rest is history....:D

Do you guys like doing food events in your city?


LL Cool Joe said…
Is your daughter wearing a pink poop t-shirt? Ha! I love the way she loves to be in every shot with you too!
That fountain with the dogs looks cool.
Oh to Be a Muse said…
Love the idea of a summer/winter licious and the ice cream looks yum. I live in the bay area so our food scene is pretty spectacular.
rooth said…
So cute! She's your little shadow :)
Oh my gosh, this looks like it was so much fun! What a cool way to celebrate summer :)
Oh you day look so fun, and creating wonderful memories. And those animal statues are the cutest I love them and your pix!

Allie of
Your daughter is just too funny! It's so cute that she wants to do everything you do Emmy. Summerlicious sounds a little like our Restaurant Week which just kicked off for the summer. You just reminded me that I need to make some reservations ;p
How fun! I haven't done any food events recently, but that ice cream looks really good :)
Adam said…
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Adam said…
I didn't even notice that, my wife loves the poop emoji. She wants a pillow version, which I tell her no. She mentioned she saw a pink and rainbow version of the poop before, but there it is.

Could you imagine a game of thrones house called House Poop?
Miu said…
How amazing is the art in your city?! The picture with the little elephants is too cute!
Jane said…
I love your jumper and the getting together to catch up. And of course your daughter, too ;)
Imogen said…
This looks like such a fun day, super adorable pictures. Love how your daughter wants to come with you.
Mica said…
I love the artworks you had fun playing with before dinner! The dog fountain is so cool, wish we had something like that. All the city's fountains and water displays were turned off a few years back with drought, sad! Some are back on now though after being tweaked to be more water friendly.

Sounds and looks like a really nice dinner with friends, always good to get a chance to catch up!

Hope you have had a great weekend!

Away From The Blue Blog
Another Canadian blogger was talking about Summerlicious! Good food, family and friends are always nice Emmy! I love your jumper :D So cute. And I thought your daughter was petting a real cat.
Vision By Mila said…
Looks like fun! I used to have a monthly or seasonal meeting with my friends, but now it seems nobody has time for it anymore.. 2 attempts failed. We did have a picnic yesterday, with some of them. Until it started to rain and we had to pick the stuff up and go home. "Summer" in Finland..

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