This summer is such a tease!

We've had a few good days of sunny and hot weather, then now, it's back to rain. Aish! But hey, the sleeveless tops remain.

(These pics were taken very early in the morning before it became overcast.)
H&M top from my mom, jeans from Urban Outfitters, Adidas sneakers

Hope you're all having an awesome weather wherever you may be:) Happy Monday!


Miu said…
You can send some rain over to us; everybody is complaining about the heat and the rain always seems to pass us ;)
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I'm digging your UO patchwork denim. Sorry about all the rain you're getting. We're getting a whole lot of sun and heat over here.
Emmy, you've been working your Summer wear! I don't blame you, because after the winter you guys had I would do the same. Love it!
We've had plenty of humidity in NYC but the rain has been scarce. I wish it would just pour so the humidity would go away. Happy new week chingu!
LL Cool Joe said…
Love the jeans. Do you wear skinny jeans too?

The weather here in the UK has been lovely and hot and sunny, but it will change tomorrow.
Unknown said…
First and foremost I love your hair!! It’s the best part of your outfit. That H&M shirt is super cute, it’s one of those shirts I would totally walk by in the store, I’m horrible at shopping sometimes.
Imogen said…
What a lovely printed top and I adore your hair colour at the moment! It's very cold here at the moment, 2 degrees when I went for a run at 6am which is as cold as it gets in Sydney.
Hena Tayeb said…
Love the top. We have rain forecasts but it usually doesn't fall..
we were supposed to be having rain right now.. it's cloudy out but no rain yet.
What a cute top, and I love your hair!
Unknown said…
You look so cute! I love these jeans!
Unknown said…
Stunning outfit!
Have a nice day!
Gil Zetbase
Unknown said…
Don't like humidity but speaking about your look yoi are amazing , love the style


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