The one with the tank tunic

Really loving this top...loose and super comfy. Perfect for the hot weather.

Let me just say that lately, it's either super hot and humid, or we're having thunderstorm...sigh....

Tunic from my mom, worn with no-name leggings and Vans sneakers

Out and about:


  1. You two are so cute - happy summering!

  2. Yep Loose and comfy is the way to go when it comes to summer dressing! You guys always looks like you're having so much fun Emmy ;p

  3. Don't relax like that, Winter is Coming

  4. Love your pics, and that top is so cute!

  5. What a lovely and comfortable looking outfit in all. I also love the pic of you two at the end. So adorable. Happy weekend, EM!

  6. cool look! and i love your hair emmy! :)

    xoxo, rae

  7. I love the tunic so much,
    the Color suit your haircolor so much and btw. I also LOVE, love love your hair.

    with love your AMELY ROSE

  8. That's a really cute tunic Emmy! Love the color & print! Your husband cracks me up! Love him. Lovin your sneakers as well. Your daughter is precious.It's been raining everyday here and afterwards its a humid mess, so I know what you're talking about.

  9. Let me just tell you that the weather here in Portugal is the same since June! You never know if it's gonna start raining while you're at the beach ahah
    Love your tunic by the way!

  10. Perfect colour and style for the hot weather. I wish it was less cold here but in the last couple of weeks I can feel it getting warmer.


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