Better late than never, I guess

Man...the Toronto weather has been really wonky this year. We're getting a heat wave now, instead of during June-August when we would've appreciated it more:P 
top I sewed awhile back using the Ebony pattern from Closet Case Patterns, Gap shorts, Birkenstocks


Unknown said…
Yay for your heat wave. We are in out annual heat wave also and I’m loving it. This top is super cute on you. I need your shoes :)
I hear you. It makes no sense at all! I am missing my air conditioner, for sure. You look great! Love that top.
LL Cool Joe said…
But you haven't mentioned where your plaster on your leg is from! :D I like the top, the colour suits you.
Yep we're having the same heat wave in NYC. I'm not complaining at all because next thing you know we'll all be freezing our butts off ;p
Vanessa said…
Ha, I feel you on the heat wave! I work outside and it nearly put me down and out for the count here in Florida. Your top looks amazing, I still want your sewing skills!
Oh to Be a Muse said…
Nice that you can wear stylish summer clothes in almost-October. Weather is crazy! I do really like the top you made.
I can't believe how hot the last few weeks have been. Your top is so cute :)
Ayu Damayanthi said…
Nice top!

Would you like to following each other? Let me know

Beauty said…
The top is beautiful; great color. I definitely do not mind having such a weather at this time of the year; the longer the summer, the better...Lol And like I always say; the snow is around the corner.
Debra said…
Sewing, I wish I had the patience to do this craft. Your top looks comfy and cute!
Dnevnik Ljepote said…
Lovely post dear. I really like the way your blog looks. I follow you, and I hope that you'll follow me back.
The top is very cool and I like that colour of the fabric. You always do such a great job. Happy weekend, Emmy. x
Wonky is right Emmy! I want my cool weather snap to come back! I love your top! The color & pattern is beautiful on you.

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