Currently Loving #38

A mixed bag of stuff I've been loving lately:)

1) Harvest Label backpack
I bought this from the Mitsukoshi shop at Epcot Disney, and have been using it daily since then. Very well-balanced and great construction.

2) Victoria's Secret Love Spell
Such a fresch scent. A new fave:)

3) Getting Genki in Japan by Karen Pond
Literally made me LOL. It's a collection of short essays written about the author and her family's experiences when they first moved to Japan. A quick fun read!

I just started watching this, but man...I am hooked! A very well-written series. Bae Doo Na is also great in it. 
image from drama

5) Death Note
I saw the Netflix version first, which I thought was ok (Willem Defoe as Ryuk was freaking awesome), so I decided to watch the Japanese live action series that came out awhile back. A very cool show, and honestly much better than the Netflix version.  I like the actors that played Light, Misa-Misa and L.
PS I've also seen a few episodes of the the anime, and I also highly recommend that one!
image from

6) Samurai Gourmet
image from
Oh my gosh! I'm always hungry after watching an episode. Such a great concept for a food show. Naoto Takenaka as Takeshi Kasumi also never fails to make me laugh:)

If you like Japanese food even just a little bit, this show is a must-watch. Thank you for this series, Netflix. More, please!

7) Laura Mercier foundation primer and Kett Cosmetics Hydro Foundation
This combo was what I wore when we were in Florida. I was really impressed with these two. My makeup lasted the whole day on my face (although I still did "shine" just because I always sweat so much.)

8) MAC Cosmetics Twig lipstick
This has always been the one lippie I always get from MAC. Universally flattering.

I got this from my sis-in-law. I use this a lot on myself and the kiddos. All-natural, and they do really work. Also very handy to have for travel.

What are you loving lately? Are you watching/have watched any of the shows mentioned above?


  1. Ooo what are the oils in the pocket farmacy?

  2. I saw Bae Doo Na in Cloud Atlas not long ago, movie wasn't very good though

  3. You are the second person recommending Death Note this week (which I've never heard of before). I am hooked on Lucifer now, so when I'm finished with that, I'll check it out. Unfortunately, our local library doesn't offer the book on your list. Maybe it will be available here later. Enjoy the upcoming weekend!

  4. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I would like to try the Victoria's Secret. Really need to find some good TV/movies to get into at the moment.

  6. I'll have to try the twig lipstick, looks kinda like angel which i love. The bag is super cute. No wonder you carry it daily. VS scents are so fresh and clean. My fave is Amber romance.

  7. That backpack looks awesome, and Love Spell smells so good!

  8. That book looks like it would be hilarious. Would love to read it. I've never tried Laura Mercier foundation. Sounds really good. My blog buddy loves MAC's twig lipstick!

  9. I watched about 15 minutes of the new Death Note. I thought it'd just be a bit hokey, but it seems like the plot of the American version is really different.

    7% Solution

  10. I love that backpack! I watched the Netflix Death Note too but I didn't like it much! lol

  11. Love your recent favorites. I'm really loving your backpack, especially, as I wear a backpack every day. This one looks really functional but also stylish. And I've been using a Laura Mercier setting powder that's pretty rad.

  12. Not currently watching anything, but plan to start "This is us" soon.

  13. I need one of these Harvest label backpack. The best excuse to visit The Epcot sometime soon. I don’t wear lots of perfume but I do like some of the Victoria Secrets scents, I’ll have to check out Love Spell. Japan is my favorite country, I even day dreamed about moving there sometime soon. I’m sure I would love this book. I’m always looking for new series to watch, I’ll checkout Stranger, Death Note and especially Samurai Gourmet.


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