Fan Expo Canada 2017 #FXC17

Gosh...August just went by like a blur with all the activities. I can't believe it's September already!

As always, Labour Day weekend was spent by our family doing the Fan Expo (minus the daughter who's still too young IMO for some of the stuff you can see there).

Here are the pics from this year's event:)

Let's see if you know all the characters that the cosplayers did...I certainly don't!

Lookie! My imaginary second husband:D

Husband's a big fan of the show!

Well, it's one of my fave anime, so....:D


Loved meeting Christian Potenza, who voices many of the characters in  our fave Canadian cartoons Total Drama Island and 6Teen.

I got a poster signed for my daughter....

Aside from the usual freebies and Fan Expo swag, here is my haul:)

 Happy 1st Day of school (to many peeps here in North America anyhoo) :)


  1. Emmy, I need to brush up! LOL I know everything Star Wars! HaHaHa What a great trip and the SMILE on your daughters face (poster) is priceless. Glad you guys had a great time :D

  2. Bender and Norman Reedus -- yes, please! And who doesn't love a sea of storm troopers! Love your Expo photos.

  3. Oh very great event darling

  4. really cool event, the pokemon one is awesome

  5. Oh I didn't recognise many of the characters but I loved the Bender costume! :)

    It looks like such a fun and massive expo too, a great day out! :)

    Hope you are having a great week so far :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  6. wow! that looks like fun!
    have a good day!

  7. it's as if I'm there..thanks for sharing your pictures Twinsie!

  8. Your daughter's megawatt smile with her signed poster is too cute! Y'know it's only a matter of time before she'll be old enough to join in all the fun with the rest of the family :D You guys always look like you have such a blast at FE. My husband and I have both seen Norman Reedus on several occasions in NYC and we both thought he was much shorter in person and he always looks like he's in need of a shower ;p

  9. Norman Reedus would be interesting to meet, loved him since Boondock Saints, haha. Love all of your photos here, it seems like loads of fun so it's perfect for the family.

  10. So fun!

  11. The Fan Expo looks like so much fun, and what a fun haul!


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