He knows me better than I do myself!

Let's talk about this Uniqlo legging pants. Guys, when I first saw this in the store, I tried them on right away and really loved the fit/style, so I decided to get one. My husband was, like, "No. Buy more coz knowing you, you'll regret it later on."

I said, "No! I only need one. ONE!"
Husband: "I will not come back here tomorrow just to get some more. Just get more pairs now".

Grumble. Grumble.

I gave in and got it in different colours (and he also paid....hahaha).

So, what do you know... these are the only pants I've been wearing since I got them. If you notice... in the Florida  and Fan Expo pics, I was just basically these legging pants (aside from some denim shorts).

Max Studio top, Uniqlo legging pants, Vans slip ons

And can we also admire the little embroidery on this top? So cute, right?

Do you have multiples of a wardrobe item?


rooth said…
Uh, I am the QUEEN of multiples of clothing. If I like a thing, I must buy it in EVERY colour. I love the legging pant though - formal enough for work do you think?
Adam said…
My wife is the opposite, she really thinks she needs multiple everything.
The embroidery top is such a lovely style on you! And, why not wear a certain style in various colours. If it works, it works! Thanks for your lovely comments! x ((Hugs))
When it comes to certain things my husband definitely knows me better than I know myself and he is like my ultimate enabler ;p I'm totally down with purchasing multiples if something fits really well and it's a classic style. Super cute outfit Emmy!
Those pants are so cute! Lucky you for having a husband who knows you so well :)
Imogen said…
Multiple colours are definitely a good idea. Me and the dita cardigans. This is one of my favourite outfits of yours. Love the print and these colours together.
Jane said…
Love the top and pants! Your husband knows you so well! :D
Those legging pants looks awesome Emmy! Your hubby is THE BEST! LOL He knows you! I just bought a pair of jean jeggings. I usually detest them, but they look so good. I hope others like them as well and they make them in more colors.
Valerie said…
I definitely have multiples of v-neck tees...I'm sort of obsessed! :) Also I'm loving these leggings, and how you paired it with this cute top! Beautiful outfit!

LL Cool Joe said…
Your leggings have a real 50's feel to them. And it sounds like your husband knows you well!
Miu said…
Haha, that's such a cute story!

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