Hey baby! I think I wanna marry you.

My husband's relative just got married the past weekend. I think I've mentioned before that I really love weddings. It's such a momentous occasion and to be invited to be a part of it is always an honour:)

I wore the dress I sewed, featured on this post...
dress I sewed (pattern: By Hand London Elisalex dress) worn with Aldo heels

really love this Ikea fabric
 The handsome couple:)

Not gonna lie...I think Chinese weddings are my fave because of the food:D

I don't know what was going on in this shot, but I find it funny so....


Adam said…
I'm guessing it's a little less traditional because the bride isn't wearing red.
Congratulations to the happy couple! I love that dress on you Emmy and I still can't believe you used upholstery fabric from Ikea to make it!
SHON said…
This dress is very interesting. I love its design, colour and pattern.
LL Cool Joe said…
First time I've seen you in a dress I think. You look very pretty. Those platters of food do look good! :D
Such a beautiful dress Emmy! You looked fantastic :) Weddings are a blessing. Two people have chosen and declared their love for one another. There's was nice.
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I think it's great that you could go to a wedding wearing your own dress. I love the design on it as well. And I've never been to a Chinese wedding, but I can imagine that the food was delicious!

I agree, Chinese weddings are always delicious, hehe. Half my mum's family are English-Asian so the food is always yum! Weddings are my favourite events too, such special moments to witness. You look amazing in this dress that you made, Emmy. Well done you! x/Madison
What a sweet time, and your dress is beautiful!
Unknown said…
I love weddings also, all that love, all the pretty dresses, they always fill m heart with joy. You look smokin hot! Loving that dress and those cute shoes.
Jane said…
I love that fabric! And Congrats to the newly weds! :)
That dress is sooo cute and I love the material! I've never been to a Chinese wedding. I don't even personally know a Chinese person! :( Ugh, this town.
Chic Therapy said…
Love that you made your dress.
rooth said…
Those Chinese banquets are no joke! Lovely dress, as usual
Love the dress (especially the back) and the fabric you choose.
Miu said…
The pattern of the dress is so pretty and you could be sure, no-one else would be wearing it ;)
Vision By Mila said…
Are you having summer in October, looking at your dress? It snowed here! :D
I love that dress Emmy, what a gorgeous cut and I can't believe that's Ikea fabric!


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