Language Barrier

Love this new men's sweatshirt from H&M. Is it just me or the men's  have a better hoodie/sweatshirt collection? Hmmmmm......
H&M sweatshirt and shorts, Vans slip ons

If you're curious, the print on the sweatshirt is the Kanji for Tokyo:)

In case you're interested, I just did a video showing my language book collection (mostly Korean and Japanese resources). Please watch if you have some time:)


Adam said…
I was wondering, the font of the characters is also different from I recognize normally, but yep you're correct on what your shirt means. Tokyo is a rather bland name in literal japanese where it literally means Eastern Capital
Jane said…
I love getting sweatshirts and hoodies from the men's section :)
And I love how you have so many books to learn languages! I took Latin in high school and oh my gosh I didn't like it much. I took it with Spanish and Japanese and I continued to learn Japanese in college but unfortunately I am not too good at it - speaking wise. I wish I had been more proactive about always speaking it.
And I also have Japanese for Busy People, too :) (or I had it and then I gave it away)
I've only shopped the H&M mens section for my husband but maybe I need to start shopping it for myself LOL ;p Your language book collection is definitely impressive Emmy! I wish I had your passion and affinity for learning new languages. We've been making a point of speaking Chinese at home more recently and I really need to get back to learning Korean.
What a cute sweatshirt! Sometimes you have to steal from the guys :)
Oh to Be a Muse said…
A very cute sweater. I find that the men's section at Target tends to have the coolest T-shirts. One of my fave shirts is a Star Wars one that I got from the men's section and people always compliment me on it. Nothing that cool was in the women's section, sadly.
Vanessa said…
That is the cutest sweatshirt, this Japanophile would wear the hell out of that ;)
Hena Tayeb said…
love the sweatshirt!
It's so cool to hear your speaking voice!!
rooth said…
Men definitely have the better selection - ugh
rooth said…
Yes, your voice is so soothing :)
I'm glad you mentioned what the print was. I was wondering about that. Very cute sweatshirt and yes there are more options for men HaHaHa Love how you styled it. Really cute vans and I see you little one peeking.
Emmylou said…
Thank you, ladies:) Mwah!

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