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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

One and only

I honestly never owned any high-waisted pants before, but I'm a new convert after getting these new Uniqlo pants!

Fact: I was really hesitant at first to get these coz I have a short torso, and also... these were really super long on me. My husband was like," What the heck? But you sew!" Oh my gosh...really am such a dingbat sometimes...just sometimes, ok?

(I'm about 5'0" tall. Took off about 4 inches, and sewed the hem about 1 and half inches. )
Uniqlo High Waist Ribbon Wide Leg pants, worn with a hand-me-down top from my mom and Adidas sneakers


  1. That outfit is ADORABLE on you!

  2. I love the outfit. High waisted pants are my favorite. They’re so comfortable.

    Jennifer @ Mrs Q Beauty

  3. I love high waisted pants. I think they are so chic. They look great on you Emmy.

  4. Those high-waisted pants are fabulous!

  5. Oh my gosh, they look SO CUTE on you! Glad you were able to alter them so they fit!

  6. Funny I was just in H&M on my lunch break and looked at a pair just like this in cream. I tried another pair on with a high waist, ma go back and get them. You look great in these. I am loving the high waist trend.

    Allie of

  7. Great buy Emmy and props to hubby for reminding you that you sew ;p I'm also short waisted and used to avoid wearing anything high waisted until my husband pointed out that the silhouette actually makes my legs look longer.
    Thank goodness for our wise hubbies ~_^

  8. They are awesome pants! I love the paper bag waist, I had a pair of shorts like that but I donated them and every now and then I knick myself for doing so, they were awesome!

    I'm petite too but can't sew so I'm just good friends with my local tailor!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week so far :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  9. That's the beauty of having the ability to sew. You can make anything work. I'm only a little bit taller than you so I always have to be wary of long pants, lol. You look fabulous though!

  10. I think these look great Emmy. It's always good when you can alter your own pieces. I have the opposite problem, for jackets and blazers I always have to alter them and undo the hems to make longer. Take care, Madison x

  11. The high waisted pants are beautiful! I love how you styled them, and that is so great that you can alter it yourself! I really wish I knew how to sew! :)


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