"You're such a weeaboo!"

I have to admit...I am really immature, which is probably why my kids talk to me like we're the same age. The title above pretty much sums up what they say  every time I practice my Japanese and wear my Spirited Away items like the one below:D

Noun. weeaboo (plural weeaboos) (slang, derogatory) A non-Japanese person (especially one of Caucasian ancestry) who is obsessed with Japanese culture and behaves in a stereotypically Japanese manner.

But hey...I'm not Caucasian so that's ok, right ...But no...seriously....I really am more of Japanophile than anything.:P 

Have a great weekend, my peeps.


I learned a new word today! You must be such a fun mom Emmy :D Happy weekend!
There is nothing wrong with being a kid at heart! I totally am, too! Love that shirt :)
Adam said…
the weeaboo term to me is like otaku but definitely more of an offensive term. I think true weeaboos are unreasonably loyal to something pure Japanese, can't watch an English dub without some a hole saying how much better it is in Japanese.
I think acting your age is overrated :)
Hahahaha I've never heard of Weeaboo. Last week I learned about Koreaboo's though. Funny how this has also popped up!

Hena Tayeb said…
haha.. that is such a fun sounding word..
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I think "weeaboo" is going to be my word of the day!

That last photo is just too cute! I'm young at heart as well Emmy.
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Valerie said…
This post made me smile when I read it, and I'm loving these photos! The sweater is very cute! :)

Hahaha that is pretty funny weeaboo. Okday dome. Love the rainbow hair!

Weeaboo: what a fun word!

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