Currently Loving #39

Random stuff I've been loving lately:)

 1) Mittens I knitted
This is the latest item I've finished knitting...the Jazz Hands mittens (pattern by Kate Davies). If you knit, I highly recommend this pattern. Very straightforward and easy to follow. I bought the kit from the designer's website. It did take awhile for me to knit this just because of other projects in between. I'm so glad though that I finished this though just in time for the winter.

Jazz Hands mittens
 In progress

2) Korean drama Voice
I've been on a good streak lately with the shows I've been watching, and this one was also another winner. I should say that this is quite more violent than the shows I usually watch, but guys, the cast is really good and the story line is compelling. The lead Jang Hyuk also reminds me of Cha Seung Won (who I'm kinda obsessed with:D).
image from
3) Neogen Green Tea Fresh Foam Cleanser
When we were in Florida for our Disney/Universal trip, we made sure to go to Sephora there to pick up my holy grail Son&Park Beauty Water (which unfortunately is not sold in Canada). I decided to buy this Neogen cleanser as well coz I've heard great things about it, and this line is, alas, also not for sale here.
I now totally understand the hype. I love love love this product. Very gentle, lovely scent, and does a great job of cleansing my face. I use this in the morning.

As an aside, I've talked about Son&Park Beauty Water a few times already on this blog, you guys.  One product I truly can't live without.  I wish Sephora Canada would carry more of these Korean beauty brands...waaaaaaah! (#firstworldproblem)

4) Cetaphil cleanser
I've been using this on and off for years now as a part of my night routine. I really like this cleanser as well...very gentle to the skin, does a great job of cleansing and reasonably-priced. can buy it in 1L container at COSTCO!

5) Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey
I go through cycles with my perfumes, and this is the current love. I find this has a clean and light fragrance, but it lasts for a long time.

What are your current loves?


Those mittens totally rock Emmy! Go you with your awesome crafts :) We tried watching Voice thinking it might be like Signal but we just couldn't get into it and it's too dark :( Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey used to be my fave until I discovered my Stella!
Beauty Follower said…
Cute mittens, this foam looks interesting... though o don't believe i can find it in Greece.
I was wearing for ages L'Eau D'Issey!!! My all time fave perfume <3
Your knitted mittens look fantastic!
Jane said…
Those are the types of mittens I have been wanting to knit! Can you believe I still why away from using two different color knits and patterns. I keep saying I'll take a stab at it but then it just seems like I need to block away hours of my time in a day to really get it right and I find myself using that time to do something else. Sigh. Your mittens look amazing!
Wow, I absolutely love these mittens. You're amazing. I have not knitted in ages and probably won't, haha. I love mittens! <3
rooth said…
Have you been getting a ton of snow as well??
Your knitwear is very cute! Hope you are doing well girl! I have to catch up with your posts!
Love your mittens, are they warm and comfy? Did you line them with felt? I am still in search of the perfect pair to keep my hands from freezing...
Mica said…
Oh your mittens look great! What a perfect project for winter! :) It's good you could take advantage and stock up while you were on holiday with some of your favourite and new to you products :)

I'm excited it's nearly Christmas! With most of the wrapping done and just waiting for the last gifts to arrive in the mail, we are trying to have a relaxing weekend as next week will be so busy! Hope you're having a great weekend!

Away From The Blue Blog
I'll have to check that show out next. I literally just started To The Beautiful You last night and I'm not sure if I'm feeling it yet. Before that I was watching While You Were Sleeping and I really enjoyed the storyline from that show. I think you'd like that one, if you haven't seen it already hahaha! Loving your mittens. Amazed that you knitted that intricate pattern. Wow girl!

LINDA said…
Thank you for sharing! Your knitted mittens look fabulous!!

Linda from Beauty And Tips
Miu said…
Mittens are great in winter and yours are so gorgeous!
My dermatologist recommended Cetaphil and it really helped my skin. Glad you loaded up on Son & Park. I have to try them. Love the mittens! Love the design and they look warm.
Vision By Mila said…
I bought a Clinique cleanser now in sales.. turns out I love it. Also looks like it'll last forever, you only need a tiny amount each use. I wanted Criminal Minds, the Korean version.. it was very funny for me in a way, but I liked it.

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