The shortall

This latest thing I sewed is not really appropriate for winter. I really wanted to make the overall version but I just wanted to use some leftover fabric I had, and I only had enough for this. Still...I really love how this turned out, and now, I can't wait for the warmer weather even more (even though winter is just really starting...sigh....).

Shortall I made using the pattern McCalls 7547
 My neighbours must have thought I was crazy when I was taking these pics, considering the weather. Hah!

 In progress:


Super cute Emmy! How I wish it was warm enough to wear shortalls again right now ;p
Oh to Be a Muse said…
Because this is something I would totally wear (and probably something I have worn), this is the cutest thing you've ever made. It's going to be so fab in the spring and summer.
This is the cutest! I think you can layer this with tights and a long-sleeved knit if you really want to don it in winter. haha. It's a great piece. <3
rooth said…
Those are SO Cute - you were probably freezing outside taking these pictures!
Mica said…
These are so cute, and well done for braving the cold to take photos! It's great you have made them now as you can just wait for warmer weather to wear them without rushing to get them ready! :)

Hope you are having a good week so far and all your Christmas preparation is going well! I'm so behind with wrapping presents - need to do more this weekend!

Away From The Blue Blog
Beauty said…
You did an amazing job; I love the cute little details like the band around the waist and the strap buckles.
Valerie said…
Wow, this outfit is so cute! You did an amazing job creating it!
emmy, that is THE CUTEST! I love it! Both the material and the style are awesome. It looks so good >.<
That's SO cute! I'd still wear it in winter with some leggings, boots and a long sleeve shirt under it!
Unknown said…
Loving your new masterpiece its going to be so cute in the summer!
Another good reason to hope spring shows up soon!
That is so cute! I'm ready for winter to be over, and the snow has just started.
Adam said…
does sound pretty light-wear for winter weather. I was freezing last night in a light jacket
Miu said…
This is so cool!
LL Cool Joe said…
I bet your neighbours think you are crazy anyway! Haha.
Jane said…
I love it! :) And I love seeing the shovels too in the backdrop! :D
I came back to this post because I saw a project on Pinterest and it totally make me think of you! (yes it's really me, not a weird spam bot lol)
That shortall looks fabulous Emmy. I know Canada gets COLD but is it cold enough to still wear these layered with tights and a long sleeved top and jacket. Or is this Aussie being ridiculously clueless with that statement hahaha!

Vision By Mila said…
Did you make that?? Looks great! Well done!

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