Crop Up

I've been meaning to buy these cropped sweaters for a long time coz they look so comfy, but only recently was able to. I was right...they are comfortable! Like wearing pyjama tops outside:D
Topshop sweatshirt, Uniqlo pants, Timberland boots

You guys like cropped tops?


LL Cool Joe said…
I can't say I wear crop tops no :D. But it looks good on you! Don't you need a jacket too, it looks friggin' freezin there!
That crop top looks great on you Emmy! Also love the color! I have some in my stash ;)
They are fun, I don't have to many cropped tops or sweaters, just one but I love it, and I am loving your hair! So fun!

Sarah said…

Oh, amazing !

I don't tend to wear anything cropped but my gosh, this sweater looks amazing on you! Total perfection.
I don't wear cropped tops because I'm short waisted and they also feel a little too young for me.
Oh to Be a Muse said…
Pajamas outside -- I'm all for that! Definitely like the comfy yet edgy feel that comes with a cropped sweater.
I totally can't do cropped as my bosom will fill up the entire garment and "cropped" becomes a bra. Hee hee!!
Unknown said…
Great casual look!
Have a nice week!
Gil Zetbase
That sweatshirt is really cute!
Valerie said…
I love this cropped is so cute, and the color is beautiful!
Mica said…
It does look so cosy and comfy! :) I have a few cropped pieces in my wardrobe. As I'm petite with a tiny torso though they don't look cropped on me, haha!

Hope that you are having a good week so far! The weather has been more bearable this week which is nice, not the crazy high temps we had last week!

Away From The Blue Blog
Looks very cozy indeed! I like crop tops, just not on me. I feel like I can not get away with them anymore. I did wear them in my teens though :-)
Jane said…
Love. I always think I look weird in them so I never buy them! But cozy will probably win me over! :D

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