What have I been watching #3

These are the TV shows (on Netflix)/film I've really loved the past few weeks...highly recommend all of these, you guys. Needless to say, I think the acting on all of these shows/film and the plot lines are superb.

1) Manhunt: Unabomber
image from latimes.com
I've always been a Paul Bettany fan, but man....seeing him as Ted Kaczynski really shows how great of an actor he is. #swoon

2) Mindhunter
image from variety.com
This show got on my radar when Cheryl of Oh To Be A Muse mentioned it. I binge-watched this show and was able to finish knitting a scarf as a Christmas gift...win!
Anyhoo, Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany have done such an awesome job playing FBI agents Ford and Tench. A few of the episodes were also directed by David Fincher (who is also one of the executive producers along with Charlize Theron)....nuff said.

3) Broadchurch
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This is also another show I binge-watched...like the two seasons in two days, you guys! Thank God for lack of sleep...hahaha....
Anyhoo, this is another show where the two main leads have great chemistry together.  I am also now a David Tennant fan because of this show.

4) Star Wars: The Last Jedi
image from starwars.com
I'm a Star Wars fan, so no big surprise here...but let me tell you....I took my youngest daughter to see this. I honestly thought she'd fall asleep watching it, but she loved it as well! It's always a bittersweet moment when Carrie Fisher was shown on screen, but I'm glad she was able to finish filming this movie.

Let me know if you've seen of any of these shows and love them as much as I do:D


Jane said…
We caught Star Wars on my birthday and afterwards I finally got to read all the spoilers. I didn't realize how many people hated on the film and especially Rose Tico. Bless her heart for taking so much heat and hate. I started watching Mindhunter but I was preoccupied with other things and so I'm saving it for when I can fully pay attention to it!
We loved Broadchurch! David Tennant will always be my favorite Doctor but Olivia Colman stole the show for me. She is so talented and has such great range! It's great that your daughter was into Star Wars. We watched it over the holidays and were super disappointed because the movie was all over the place. The casino planet storyline was totally unnecessary and Luke Skywalker deserved a much better sendoff. And the way they tried to promote feminism at the expense of two major male characters was just ridiculous. I hope Disney will go with a better director/writer for the next movie.
Adam said…
I saw the last jedi, loved it
I've just started watching Riverdale. And I am so obsessed with it seriously! I will check out some of your suggestions!

I'm not a Stars Wars fan but I have thought about watching this movie. This is the one that they say you can watch if you haven't seen previous titles right? It kind of summarises everything etc. I might give this a go and if I enjoy it look into watching the first few movies.

Mica said…
I watched the star wars movies as a kid but I'm really not that into them, so I've let all the hype pass me by. I know people are really excited about watching the movie though,s i i'm glad you and your daughter enjoyed it :)

I tend to stick to light hearted comedies :)

Hope that this first week of 2018 went well for you and you're having a good weekend. We're having a quiet weekend here.

Away From The Blue Blog
Vision By Mila said…
Of the above, I've only watched Broadchurch. Loved. Also watched Acquitted (Norwegian one in Netflix), the Punisher, La Mante. mostly random European ones that proved really nice. Also Stranger Things, but I didn't get hooked like pretty much all the population of the world, hence now I'm dragging with season 2.. :D
Bely Fashion said…
Beautiful post dear, I am not a fan of such films, but your post is fantastic.
Maybe follow for follow ?
I loved the first season of Broadchurch!
Broadchurch has always been my favourite a couple years ago. It's still great. I have heard a lot about Mindhunter so I will check that out. Happy new week! x

Emmy, I am going to see Star Wars The Last Jedi! It was pretty crazy hectic when it first came out. People had purchased tickets like 3 months before. So I was waiting for everything to die down. Can't wait to see it. Everyone says how good it is!
Hena Tayeb said…
I thought about watching Mindhunter but heard it was slow.. is it?
rooth said…
Yessss David Tennant! Like Rowena, he will always be Doctor Who to me as well
Oh to Be a Muse said…
First, happy to hear that your daughter liked Star Wars! Maybe you have a little Jedi on your hands. And second, so happy that you liked Mindhunter based on my recommendation. It was so good, right? Can't wait for season 2. I watched the first season of Broadchurch, so clearly, I need to catch up. Also sounds like I should give Manhunt a watch.

I actually shared a couple of new things I'm watching on my post today!
Fashionably Idu said…
Call me weird but I'm so not a fan of Star Wars unlike the rest of my family. I'm a Lifetime series girl, that occupies most of my weekends. Great movies!

I've watched the first two during my Christmas break: loved them! I only know Paul Bettany from the Da Vinci code... Anything else he is in that you can recommend? I also like Criminal Minds, but that's now a show I should watch home alone at night. I am currently watching Grey's Anatomy, I was a bit behind and the show, and it got available to watch on demand over here recently, yay!
Hena Tayeb said…
Binging on Mind Hunter.. and I agree not too slow and so fascinating. Thanks for the recommendation.


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