Another outfit?'s a #TideAd

The best thing about the Super Bowl is always the ads (and maybe the Half Time show).

Did you guys see the David Harbour one? My clothes in this post have no stains...ergo, it's a Tide ad.

old Baja hoodie bought from an outdoor market, UNIQLO pants, Timberland booties
I know these hoodies are meant for the summer...oh, well....
Do you see the photobomber? Sigh....
In case you haven't seen the ad....


The Tide ad was pretty fun but the best ad had to be the NFL/Dirty Dancing one :) We skipped the Super Bowl and the lame ass halftime show. We were just waiting for it to end so we could watch This Is Us haha
LL Cool Joe said…
Haha, that's a pretty good ad. I use Tide when I'm in the States and Ariel when I'm in the UK.

Love the photobomb. I have to admire your commitment to selfies even in the snow!
Adam said…
I'm suprised they didn't do "STOP...EATING...TIDE...PODS"
Unknown said…
I loved the tideads. My friends didn’t but I thought they were genius. I love this hoodie, its totally my style. I need those Timberland booties, I might order them tonight. I still don't understand why anyone would eat Tide Pods, they have to taste so gross.
I didn't watch the Super Bowl, but those Tide ads are hilarious!
Oh to Be a Muse said…
Haha! I didn't watch the Superbowl this year (although I'm quite happy the Eagles won), so I didn't see any of the ads or the halftime show. But thanks for sharing the video because that was hilarious! And your hoodie is totally cute.
That's a great top! HaHa That was an excellent ad. I loved the Doritos commercial with Peter Dinklage and also Missy Eliott.
Oh my you must have been freezing! I had to go to a dinner party the night of the super bowl so didn't watch but so glad the Eagles won! We need the underdog to get ahead. I use to have a top like this in college but have no idea what happened to it.


I was falling asleep so during the Super Bowl, sadly we only watched half-time show and was very disappointed. haha. Hilarious Tide Ad.
Mica said…
That's such a cute casual outfit - I like how you made the hoodie work for snow even if you say it's more of a summer piece :)

I hadn't seen the Tide ad either so thank you for including it - made me giggle. We did have a service at church where we watched commercials and found biblical stories in them, but they were older ads I'm sure, not the ones in the superbowl.

Hope you've been having a lovely week! Another busy one here, but not as stressful as last week so that's nice :)

Away From The Blue Blog
Fashionably Idu said…
The hoodie totally worked. I love how you styled it with the black bottoms, great balance. I didn't watch the superbowl this year, just couldn't be bothered with it anymore not sure why. Have a great week ahead Emmy!

Miu said…
Hahaha, this advertisement is cheeky great!

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